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What’s the deal with MBA courses and how do they really benefit you?

What’s the deal with MBA courses and how do they really benefit you?

Now this question can have lot many answers. But to state in few words, an MBA course provides you with:

  • Business studies theory,
  • Case studies and
  • A platform to discuss everything related to business (i.e., information, theory and ideas).

Still don’t feel that’s a big deal? All right, let’s move on then.

  1. MBA helps avoid common mistakes:


All the above mentioned three points (theory, case studies and discussions) help a person hired in a multi-national or someone who runs a start-up prevent the common mistakes that people often tend to make. Now we as humans make a lot of mistakes. That may be due to lack of experience or misaligned attitude or several others reasons. An MBA as a place of learning offers to help develop the intellect to spot or forecast such mistakes and prevent them well in advance. So this means, speedy progress. Ain’t that worth some learning?


  1. MBA entrances enhance your business & general aptitude:


There are always entrance tests before you choose to enter any business institute (the good ones). Most business schools rely on exams of similar format like GMAT, CAT, XAT, MAT etc. They basically test your estimation and calculating power and the speed with which you can answer those questions. So a rigorous competition to enter and perform well in those exams automatically builds you into a person beyond your imagination (that is if you prepare seriously).



  1. MBA actually makes you smart:


Yes. MBA really makes you smarter than before. I am not saying you aren’t smart now. But, don’t you think that if

  • You are exposed to a setting where you are asked to speak on any topic impromptu and judged seriously according to what you speak.
  • Prepare for multiple choice questions that need you to guess the choices out of smartness and not just high intellect will make you smart?


Both your mind and personality are honed to become alert, wise and fast. Such fine work essentially makes you smarter.


  1. MBA teaches you the value of continuous learning:

An MBA really helps you appreciate the value of learning. One constant in life is – Change. Everyone knows that. Companies change their process, procedures, and systems from time to time. Software change in versions significantly. Therefore, people need to learn to adopt to change. In the world of such big changes, if one needs to be competent, one needs to learn. More than that, one also needs to respect learning.



  1. Companies do come for placements to Management Schools:

If above points haven’t been able to convince you then this one should surely do. The multi nationals do come to MBA colleges for placements. Now why would such big giants come and spend their valuable time and money over there? Obviously because they are sure about the importance of schools and the products they deliver (Business Professionals).

I know… I know. Now the ‘Gyan’ session really needs to end before you start imagining me as more of a lecturer than some hip cool dude. So let me just end this by saying – If you really aspire to rise in the business world, pursue MBA. If that isn’t possible, join some distant course or at least read the theory from books. You will gain a LOT. Happy Learning!


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