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Health benefits of Swimming


Summers are here, and indulging into exercising under this heat is quite a task for all of us! You can always go for indoor sports and/or gym, (since they have ACs) but well you still have one of the best options available – SWIMMING! Though swimming is no less of fun during the winters (when temperatures are kept under control and it is indoors) but summers are the best time for it!

Given the weather and of course health benefits, here are all the reasons why you should go swimming:

  1. All round activity!

This is like one thing we all know that swimming does. If you are fit enough to get in to the pool, you will not just be fit but you will also keep up with the busy schedule and days. An hour or so in the pool will help you keep up with your mental as well as physical health.

  1. Swimming improves your sleep!

Well, yes! If you have been lately suffering from insomnia or other such sleep problems, you could try swimming. It helps you in dealing with sleep in a better way and when you do, rest assured your sleep will be a great one.

  1. Peace and serenity!

Would you rather want to go swimming over cycling or running on the treadmill? I would surely prefer to go swim. Believe it or not but it does bring about peace and lowers down your stress as well. It is quite of the everyday much needed break!

  1. Work it out with zero stress!

Swimming won’t cause you or your body any stress physically as the water balances your body weight. All you have to do it move your legs and hand and you will be good to go. Working out in the pool is like being wrapped around in a cushion and still be working out.

  1. Less risk for any diseases!

It is a great exercise for your heart problems; it keeps a control of your blood sugar levels, keeps blood pressure in control and also reduced bad cholesterol levels. If you regularly go swimming, you will be less prone to heart diseases, stroke or diabetes. (type 2)

  1. A mood boaster!

People who swim often are less likely to be dealing with too much of tension, stress, anxiety, etc. Swimming releases the feel good hormones (serotonin) and therefore you are likely to be happier if you swim!

And that was all about it! All the reasons and health benefits for why swimming should be your to do thing this summer and the next too! Beat the heat and keep up with your health the smart way!


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