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Ways to shake off your Monday blues

Ways to shake off your Monday blues

How much it is a task for all of us to get back to work/school after the weekends, Monday Blues as we all call it. Most of us end up getting late when we wake up or we drop things here and there or even worse, forget things at home. Even though there is no school or work to go to, Mondays are always a task after a sober weekend you stayed home or went partying. If you are among those people who find it hard to deal with the Monday Morning blues, then here are some ways to help you deal with them!

Happiness is the key to starting off your week on a good note. So what you need to do is plan your Monday out and of course bring about some changes in your actions, here is how:

#1 Enjoy every day of the week: You can keep the partying and get together’s for the weekends, but don’t work the week just to wait for the weekends. If you are not going to be happy throughout the week, the Monday morning blues will forever be your friend. Come home from work and may be give a good read, or simply go for a walk; try to celebrate each day!

#2 Don’t change your regular schedule: Okay, it is Saturday morning and you could sleep for an extra hour; but don’t stretch it until noon. Just like you wake up on normal work days, keep your routine similar, only spend time with yourself and hang out later in the evening or meet up with friends and family.

Just because it is a Sunday night, don’t extend your bed time beyond an hour; if you do, you know you will regret it the next morning.

#3 Plan your Monday: Monday mornings are always a mess and the best way to avoid the mess could be to keep your documents/school stuff in place a day before, get your clothes sorted and have things ready for the morning. No stress in the morning and a smooth morning schedule will help you start off your week way better!

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#4 Music is always bliss: As you work things out for the day or prepare breakfast or while you bath, hear some soothing music and give your day a head start!

2Source: theguardian.com

#5 Dress well: Save the new dress you bought for a Monday or put on those favorite heels of yours! Wear vibrant colors on a Monday and pair it up with the best smile of yours!

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#Don’t skip meals and take short breaks: Never start your day without breakfast; believe it or not but you will be irritated and frustrated the entire day! Have a good meal and keep yourself full.

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Take breaks of 10-15 minutes between your work and give yourself rest!

If nothing seems to work up for you, then try to figure out why are your Mondays such a task! Whether it is because of the work load, or you need some time off or may be a weekend vacation could help you out!


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