When it comes to look polish and easy together, things can be fussy! You end up either looking too strict with formals or you look too casual to doubt that you do business or you’ve come for a business meet up. Business casuals keep you comfortable and make you look like you do business and walk the office like a boss.

Also for some men, business casuals are all about feeling vacation while in office. Nothing beats the comfort of casuals and nothing beats the slick look of business style. When these two styles come together, magic happens!

1. Keep the ratio almost balanced

Don’t overdo any of the two styles. Keep it balanced. By this we mean the ration should be 50:50. Business style has to be equal with the casuals.

2. Business main

When it comes to giving main details for a business look, let the blazer lead you.

3. Casuals

If we dare write the word ‘main’ next to casuals, we break the rule of casuals. You can wear a light weighted t-shirt for casuals.

4. Shorts

Business casuals look the best when paired with shorts. It’s one of the best ways to ace the look.

5. Jeans

What better way to be in and live the best of both worlds? The youngness and nostalgia you feel wearing jeans with the focus you feel while wearing a blazer with it.

6. Bow Tie

Wearing a bow tie with a t-shirt just takes your Business-Casual look to the next level. You’ll only feel like a fashionista when you wear it.

7. Tie

Just like bow tie works well, wearing a tie will add up a lot of sass to your business casual look. Make sure you don’t wear a tie and a bow tie together. No!

Source: www.theunstitchd.com


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