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Hub Space Dubai Presents “CONNECTIONS”

Painting & Sculptures by 



 Koushal has exhibited in more than 60 Exhibitions in countries like UAE, Italy, Spain, Russia, South Korea, Slovakia, USA, Turkey & India. He is also an Author of an Art Book called “CONNECTED” which is published in German and English Language in Germany. You can find his artworks in the collection of Museums of South Korea, Auroville, India and in the possession of many private art collectors in different countries. His Architectural project Indian Home for Ethno mir near Moscow still stands proudly. His Huge Sculptures and paintings are beautifying the esteemed environment of 5-star hotels in Dubai. Along with Fine art, Koushal keeps himself busy in Art Direction and Production designing for Indian Cinema, but his main source of energy is his practice in Meditation.


Artist Statement: “CONNECTIONS … Is all about my understanding that we all are connected at the root level. On the Physical ground, to achieve our goal we need to be reconnected to the person in that particular field. The connection can be from one thing to another thing (living or non-living), but the easiest way to achieve everything is to get connected with the universal power because as per quantum theory we all are made up of frequencies and we all are always in movement.

We originated from one single source but are an integration of different frequencies in this human body like the air in a balloon. A balloon reacts differently when filled with different gases, similarly we humans behave differently because of different vibrations created by our minds. 


The aim is to get connected with the Universal frequency and become one in my consciousness.”


Opening by Ms. SULTANA KAZIM,

Eminent Artist, Fashion Designer, Representative & Co-coordinator of Museum of America on13th May 22 @ 6:00 pm.

It will be open to the public from 14 May to 23 May, 11 am to 6 pm.



Hub Space, Al Quoz Industrial Area 4, Umm suqeim Road, Dubai,

Tel. +97145850334

Email: [email protected]


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