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Man who took garba on a next level.


Dushyant Soni, Garba guru and Garba king, is a mumbai based business man with an immense passion for the dance of Garba. He started playing garba in 1990 at the age of 17 and has been rocking the garba world ever since. He has won awards as the best dancer in almost every ground in mumbai. He is also a trend setter in garba and has created many new steps; including his forte , the “triple Baithak”. During the Navratri of 2003 on day 3 , while dancing , he dislocated his knee cap and was taken to the hospital by his friends in an ambulance after which he was bed ridden for 45 days. No one has seen the “triple baithak” ever since.

His undying passion for garba could also be highlighted in his incident of 2008 , when on the 4th day of navaratri, he tilted his tail bone. Doctors told him that he could not play garba that season and quoted”yeh khelega to mere bina nahi reh payega”. That is when he went to Dr. Hemakshi basu the best physio-therepist in India. Dr. Basu treated him and  not only  did he play but also won the “Best Male Dancer” in the mid day navaratri the very next day.
 He has been judging garba competitions in India and U.A.E since 2016 and also teaches garba for free in his leisure time. He is also the cultural secretary of Dubai’s biggest navaratri since 2019.He dreams to take garba global and with that noble thought in mind, he along with his brother Amit Soni founded DGG,”Digital Global Garba” , the biggest online garba competition in the world. The DGG has the biggest jury in the world and recieves videos from all over the globe . The competition has mega prizes and to top it all, the registration is free of cost.

 He is also taking Garba Global with his hit song “Garba Gujarat” launched by T-series; which he directed, choregraphed and acted in. He is also the singer, actor and director of the hit T-series song,”Krishna”, which is a bhajan devoted to lord Krishna.


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