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Mother’s Day 2023


The relationship with my mother is really the greatest of all the relations that we human beings hold. A mother’s love for her child is truly unconditional and cannot be expressed in words. She always prays for her child and never leaves her child in difficulty. She always protects her child and does not think about herself. We can’t define “mother” in a few words.

Therefore, Mother’s Day is celebrated annually on the second Sunday of May. This year it falls on May 8. Let us read about the history of Mother’s Day to better understand its significance.

In several parts of the country, it is also celebrated in March. Mother is a person who can’t be forgettable. Because of them, life exists on Earth. So, let us honour all Mothers of the world and celebrate it together.

On this day various gifts are presented, campaigns are organised, and several phone calls are made for wishing mother to make her feel special.



Mother’s Day: History

It is said that a young Appalachian homemaker namely Ann Jarvis in 1858, organised “Mother’s Work Days” to improve the facility of sanitation and the deaths that were caused due to insects and seepage of the polluted water.

Further, over a century ago, women’s suffragist, a Boston poet Julia Ward Howe established a special day for mothers and for peace that was somewhere missing after the bloody Franco-Prussian War.

After unsuccessful efforts, she started thinking globally and at an international pacifist conference after the Franco-Prussian War, she made a global appeal to women.

During the war itself she wrote, she keenly felt the “cruel and unnecessary character of the contest”. She believed that as any woman might it could have been settled without bloodshed. Also, she always wondered why women or mothers are not putting their voices together in these matters to prevent the waste of that human life which they alone bear and know the cost.

However, at that time Mother’s Day’s voice for advocating peace was successful in Boston but after several years eventually lost popularity and disappeared from the minds of the people in the years preceding World War I.

Then, Ann Jarvis who is also famous as “Mother Jarvis” was a community health advocate. During the Civil War, she organized Women’s brigades and asked her workers to help mothers and what they can do best for them. Not only this she had also organized various Mother’s Day clubs that addressed child rearing and public health issues. In 1868, she took the initiative to heal the problems between her Confederate and Union Neighbors.



However, the contributions of women can never be forgotten as it nourishes our family, she is the person who takes care of everything at home and even outside. No doubt her job is 24×7. Perhaps there are multiple ways to give tribute to the mothers and not only this day but we should respect them every day, every year and years. She should get respect in our society and we all should think about it.

Note: In several countries, Mother’s Day is celebrated on different days like in Australia, Canada, the United States, India etc. it is celebrated on the second Sunday of May but in the United Kingdom, it is held on the fourth Sunday of Lent, exactly three weeks before Easter Sunday. Also, in some Arabian countries, it is celebrated in the month of March.


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