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Promoting Indian Folk Arts: Vidisha Pandey’s Journey


Art is a form of expression that knows no boundaries. It has the power to connect cultures and bring people together. Vidisha Pandey, an artist from Prayagraj-Allahabad, Uttar Pradesh, India, is a true advocate of this belief. Through her passion for Indian folk arts, she has been able to promote these beautiful art forms across the world. Vidisha holds a diploma in Applied & Fine Art from Allahabad University. After moving to the UAE seven years ago, she has been conducting workshops in both India and UAE to create awareness about the different folk arts of India. She has also participated in various online events to showcase the magnificence of Indian folk-art forms.


Her efforts were recognized in 2019 when she was awarded the OVERSEAS AWARD for Madhubani art by Mukti Art Gallery, Maithil Manch, an NGO based in the Mithila region of Bihar state, working to create awareness about Mithila culture all over the world. VidishAs talent and hard work were also acknowledged when she was one of the nine artists shortlisted from over 650 entries to showcase her paintings in ‘The Art & Craft Exhibition Series’ held as part of ‘India @75 – Azadi ka Amrit Mahotsav’ conducted by the Consulate General of India. Vidishas paintings were exhibited on a platform like The Consulate General of India in Dubai.



In June 2022, Vidisha organized and curated a first-of-its-kind Indian Folk Art exhibition called PANKHUDI under the patronage of the Indian Consulate in Dubai. The exhibition was inaugurated by Ms. Tadu Mamu (Consul – Culture, Press, Information & Labour). Vidisha expressed her vision to promote and create awareness about Indian folk arts not only in UAE but throughout the world. Many reputed artists participated in this event and showcased more than 26 folk art forms. All the artists thanked Vidisha for organizing this event and giving various Indian folk art forms an international stage.


One of the attendees, Mr. Peter Gressman, a renowned art critique, praised the exhibition on his Facebook page, saying, I am always happy when old traditions in art are brought back to life, but I can and must learn a lot, especially in these old painting styles. Thanks to all the artists who have brought me closer to Indian traditional painting today. Vidishas gallery, Vidisha’s Creations, is a platform where artists can showcase their vision
and direction towards Indian Folk and Tribal arts. The gallery participated as an authentic and pure Indian folk and tribal art gallery in WAD 2022 and made a record by selling more than 36 paintings during the four-day event. The gallery has conducted many Indian folk art exhibitions and workshops. It also launched the New Year calendar 2022, which was unveiled by Honorable Consul General Dr. Aman Puri at the Indian consulate.



The gallery’s latest initiative, EKATRA, which means collection presents Indian folk and tribal art in a different way. Through her gallery, Vidisha is on a mission to preserve and promote Indian folk art forms that are often neglected. She believes that these art forms not only reflect the cultural heritage of India but also have the potential to create livelihood opportunities for artisans and help them sustain their art forms.


Vidishas journey is an inspiration for those who want to make a difference through their passion for art. Her efforts have helped bring Indian folk art forms to the forefront and have created a platform for artists to showcase their talent. With her continued dedication, Vidisha will undoubtedly help preserve and promote the cultural heritage of India for generations to come. Through her workshops, exhibitions, and online events, she has successfully bridged the gap between different cultures, allowing people from around the world to appreciate the beauty and intricacy of Indian folk arts. Vidishas commitment to promoting these art forms has not only earned her recognition and awards but has also inspired other artists to follow in her footsteps. As she continues her journey, Vidisha remains a beacon of creativity, spreading the vibrant colors and rich traditions of Indian folk arts far and wide, leaving an indelible mark on the art world and the hearts of those who appreciate its beauty.


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