Home Entertainment All Confessions and Some Clandestine: Autobiographies by Indian Filmstars

All Confessions and Some Clandestine: Autobiographies by Indian Filmstars

All Confessions and Some Clandestine: Autobiographies by Indian Filmstars

Our nation is Bollywood obsessed and its testified, by not just the success of some uninspired films but also through the soaring success of autobiographies of gems of our entertainment industry. Be it ingenuous anecdotes, a catalog of style, excerpts from their diaries, how to lose weight or even how to be a good mother; our filmstars are committing it all to papers.

Though the mystery around the this latest fad of our, so charming entertainers trying to pen down everything and anything they know about, is yet be resolved we know it for sure that our country will bestow all love them be it their uninspired romantic films or even more sordid autobiographies.                                     

To top the charts is, of course, Karan Johar’sUnsuitable boy’, in which he informed the nation about his sexual preference and also his relationship with Kajol and Ajay Devagan. Of course, the ever-rising income disparity in India is nothing when compared to Karan Johar’s juicy and personal information.

And, if anyone remembers the iconic Aashqui song, you have to remember the one-movie wonder burst through Bollywood, only to vanish into a world of tantric lovemaking and spiritual yoga, Anu Aggarwal.  She bared it all in her autobiography ‘Anusual: Memoirs of a Girl Who Came Back from the Dead’. Nice selection of title though but still we would have been more pleased to know about her any new movie endeavour than mysterious life.

Ayushmann Khurrana, fresh with just 9 movies in the fraternity, released ‘Cracking the Code’, his account of how he, with no contacts in Bollywood, made it as a film hero. He would have been more lauded if there was a guide from him on how to win Roadies. Our generation is obsessed with that too!!!!

The Kapoor’s of industry have bombarded the literary world with Rishi Kapoor ‘s Khullam Khulla, Kareena Kapoor ‘s The Style Diary Of A Bollywood Diva and Karisma Kapoor’s ‘My Yummy Mummy Guide’. Is it all for any new writer’s category of our prestigious so-real award ceremony????

The only autobiography to stand out in this perspective is ‘Then One Day: A Memoir’ by Naseeruddin Shah is a searingly honest read that gives a fascinating insight into his thought process. It gives a loud impression of an excellent actor trapped in mediocre industry. And of course, Javed Akhtar’s Quiver (Tarkash in Hindi) shudder you to the core.

The Bollywood stars, taking up to writing their autobiographies down, may be the reason to the fact that they want to tell their stories on their own rather depending upon some ludicrous journalists rambling in their way. Whatever might be the reason, we the Bollywood-bitten people deserve more of “Newton” in movies and something like “Then one day” in autobiographies.


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