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Beauty comes in all forms


From curvy to slim, tall to short, beige/dark chocolate/almond/etc and whatever your skin colour, hair type or shoe size, beauty comes in a variety of diverse colours, shapes and sizes.

According to most of the people (especially men), the definition of beauty is the perfect white woman, super slender, tall, very well featured and has straight long hair. This is why all women keep on trying to fit in this tiny little trunk of what the world has defined us as beautiful. Right?

If women are tall then they are compared with Poles, if they are short they are considered to be unsuitable, if they are dark then they are from the low caste. So, it is important for us to understand that this world will criticise everything they see. Thus, it’s not your problem it’s their problem. I heard somewhere that “Only beautiful people can see beauty in the world around them”

This is why we all need to realize that we all are beautiful in our own unique way, let me explain this to you with two simple examples.

The beauty of Flowers

How can we forget flowers that come in a HUGE variety of sizes, colours and shapes. From the small flowers like stephanotis, sweet peas and pink cherry blossom to lotus, daisy and dahlia, they all are different and important in our lives and fulfill a particular significance. There are flowers which are thin, fat, light and dark, but all of them are highly mesmerising.

The Enlightening Candles 

Candles are deliberately made in different shapes, sizes and colours because if there would be same candles for all then it would be very monotonous for us. Thus we buy different candles according to our purpose, some of them are small, tall,  heavy, light weighed, dark, fair, but all are splendid and enlighten our lives with positivity.

At the end what matters is that how you see yourself, if you see yourself as beautiful then there is no one in this world who can belittle you!!

Written By: Astha Chhangani




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