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Wake up to your Morning Beauty Rituals

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In spite of the fact that, Bollywood would have us believe that there are actually people who roll out of bed screen-ready, but we all know that’s just not the case. The secret behind every woman is her morning beauty ritual.

It’s easy: just add these must-dos to your A.M. schedule and reap the benefits all day long, so here are the little things you can do:






Hot water and Lemon

You’ve seen, read about it and maybe even tried it. I’m here to say, it actually works! It’s the most excellent way to start your day and wakes up your digestive system and, bonus, easiest metabolism booster there is.


Exercise is the key to good health

Fix an early morning workout along with your morning motivation playlist, to start your day with good and positive vibes.

Face mist is a must

Freeze your face mist and apply it very first in the morning to bring down morning puffiness and leave you feeling bright and awake.

Face Mask

Prep your skin by using a face mask. Anything that you can do to keep your skin in peak state will make things easier when it comes to your morning makeup application. This step will remove the excess oil that builds up throughout the night from your face and will provide a perfect matte look that helps the makeup to blend well with the skin.

Make Sunscreen your best friend

Keep skin protected throughout the day and moisturize with a good multi-tasking SPF.

A match made up in makeup heaven

Concealer with winged eyeliner and mascara are truly a perfect match to recreate the beauty of your eyes with a fresh and classic look.

Coffee with a healthy breakfast

A freshly brewed coffee with a healthy breakfast are good to go.

And last but not the least don’t forget to put on your refreshing smile which is the best accessory


your inner and outer beauty only comes from your smile..

Written  By:  Astha Chhangani












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