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Looking for places to go vacationing Monsoons? Here’s your guide!


Extremely heavy rain showers, gorgeously colourful umbrellas, clogged roads and puddles of muddy water – Aren’t these the things that come to your mind when you think of monsoons in India? Well the sublime beauty of nature can be enjoyed any and everywhere but its never a bad idea to take a quick escape to some offbeat places where one could actually feel the cool gentle winds, light raindrops and that overwhelming smell of earth. Monsoons in India are truly a rhapsody of bliss, beauty and relief from the scorching summer sun and they are meant to be savoured. So, here I bring to you a number of perfect getaways that I think are the best to savour the magic of monsoons in India and are the only Paradise like places in India, one could ask for.


Orchha is a town in Tikamgarh district of Madhya Pradesh state, India. One of the best places, built by raja Rudra pratap in 1501. Ringed by raising hills, the place sits on river Betwa and is crammed with the mesmerizing sweet smell of custard apples. This undulating land is covered with temples and forts and can be considered a must visit in the monsoon season.


One of the most picturesque places in God’s own country, the beauty of Wayanad is magnified tenfold during the monsoon. The undulating hills and glimmering lakes are a sight that’s almost surreal in nature. The Chembra Peak, at a height of 2,100 metres, offers a mesmerising view which is exaggerated under the cover of rain.

*The forest of Kabini*

Kabini is one of the most popular destinations in Karnataka for wildlife lovers. But unlike the other National Parks and tiger reserves, Kabini remains open to tourists during the monsoons. The forests and the river make for a wonderful scenery during the rains and the more pleasant temperatures make this a great time to spot tigers, leopards, wild dogs and elephants here. And of course, who wouldn’t want to witness the eye-catching peacock mating dance that takes place during the rains.

*Ooty, Tamil Nadu*


The ‘queen of hill stations’ will charm you with her stunning scenery during the monsoons. June, being the very busy season here, you’ll have to plan quite well in advance. Though a choice to visit this place is any season would never turn out to be a disappointment.

*Coorg, Karnataka*

For those who love monsoon trekking, Coorg is a great option to consider. Alternatively, you can also sit back and relax and gorge on some akki (rice) rotti and pandi (pork) curry at the North Coorg Club, while it’s pouring heavily outside. Always a time to enjoy the nature leaving no stone unturned to enthrall you with its exquisite natural beauty.

*Lonavala, Maharashtra*

With the onset of monsoon, the Sahyadri mountain ranges and the ghats revive with alluring greenery, breath taking waterfalls and pleasant climate. For a quick escape from the bustling city, plan a trip to the quaint hill town of lonavala. Enjoy the extensive view of a stream flowing by at the cliff top called The Tiger point and relish in the tranquillity of Karla caves built by the Buddhist monks around 3rd to 2nd century BC. There’s a famous waterfall near Bushi dam which is a very popular spot for all the monsoon lovers.

*Andaman and Nicobar Islands*

A group of nearly 570 islands, this exotic location has amazing wildlife,thrilling water sports, pristine silver sand beaches, mountains, breath taking natural beauty and tribal tour. This place will never seize to amaze you and you are sure to fall in love with its incredible beauty. it has to be a must on your list of best monsoon destinations in India.
Monsoon holidays in India are surely a lifetime experience as these exotic locations would leave you spellbound with its beauty. So why leave a chance to spend some quality time imbibing the peace and tranquility that the nature provides.


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