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3 Simple Truths That You Need To Continually Work At Knowing To Have A Successful Business or Career:


Fact is indeed stranger than fiction. You don’t have to have literary interests to understand this saying. You can explore within yourself. Sometimes, it gets hard to understand the reason for sluggishness, restlessness, misunderstandings, procrastination. Here are some simple facts that such things are often based upon.

  • Truth about Situation: Sometimes when things don’t work, the external conditions may not be favorable to help them move on or work. Someone might try hard to improve upon themselves or others or the product. Every situation contains some form of conflict. There is never an absolutely favorable situation. So if one misses to assess the situation, he or she may miss the one important factor that often decides the outcome – Conflict. For example, demanding more work from employees during the times of festivals is often known to cause dissatisfaction or failing to diagnose existing conditions may make one overlook cause of a problem. So, truth about situation is really about knowing the resisting force that arises out of current situation.


  • Truth about People: People are different for sure. But there is a possibility of some having few things common within themselves. If you are having difficult time working with people, ask yourself questions like:

Do we have same final goals?

Do we believe in same Mission?

Does the same environment make us feel enthusiastic?… Likewise.


  • Truth about Self: So often, one can fail to recognize that we ourselves can be responsible for certain unfavorable outcome. So, its always important to ask questions to self like:


Is there any recurring thought that I need to acknowledge and resolve?

Is there some defeating behavior that is the cause of present problem?

Did any of my recent action cause any unrest in someone?

Is there something I keep neglecting to address in life?


There is never a need to be absolutely flawless in behavior, thoughts or actions. But its important to only correct what specifically causes disturbance or negative outcome. A habit of regular assessment by self reaps rich rewards.


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