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Fun First Date Ideas

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Going on a first date with someone always stirs up our brains because we need to think of where we’re actually going to go for it. It is essential for everyone to impress their date as it’s the first one ever and we need to leave an impact that is considerably deep. Everyone mostly comes up with cliched ideas of first dates that have been repeated over and over again. From candlelight dinners to movies, we have been doing these things over and over again. These date ideas are so ancient that nobody wants to follow them anymore. Instead, you might be able to impress your date big time if you decide on taking them out and doing something uncommon. That’s why, here’s a list of unique and fun first date ideas that are sure to make your first date a big hit!

  • Browse a bookstore: 2For the bookworms out there, browsing a bookstore can be million dollar first date idea. People who are into books and are thrilled by the idea of exploring and buying new books, entirely adore going to bookstores. You can obviously not spend the entire day at the bookstore but you can certainly combine this little thing followed by a casual lunch in a cafe.
  • Find a secret place in the city:3The idea of going for picnics never really gets old. You can set out with your date on an expedition to find out a place or a spot in the city that is isolated but beautiful with attractive surroundings. Carry food and some wine along with a few bedsheets and you guys are all set to have the best first date of your life.
  • Take a state tourism bus:4Going to a restaurant where you have been to a hundred times isn’t as much fun as exploring new things in the city. Every city has its own perks and also a tourism bus. All you need to do is book two tickets of this amazing tourism bus and set on an adventure for an entire day. You’ll be able to explore national monuments and famous landmarks of the city with your date on your first date and it sure is going to be a lot more fun that going to that same old restaurant again.
  • Visit an amusement park:5If you and your date are both adventurous and get really excited when someone talks about taking risks then visiting an amusement park simply fits the bill. If you treat your date to two tickets of the best amusement park in town, you two are bound to have the best day of your lives. Post the whole adventurous day at the amusement park between the rides, you can talk more and get to know each other more and more.


Now that you have some nice and revolutionary first date ideas, you must make sure that you don’t fall towards the cliched ones again. These unique and fun date ideas can change the way your relationship goes with your date after the first time you two decide to mingle a little.


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