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How to Keep the Brain Fit

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  1. Doing Things the Hard Way– Technology has made our life more convenient. Despite the technology, we should try doing things the old way for example; remembering telephone numbers, finding directions without GPS, etc, for improving your brains intelligence. Don’t get me wrong, I’m not saying technology is bad, just trying to say depend less on technology and stop being a robot.


  1. Physical exercise– Physical exercises and brain fitness go hand in hand. Exercise reduces your stress which increases brain chemicals that are necessary for the brain to feel good. It also reduces the chances of getting Alzheimer’s at an old age.


Source: askabiologist.asu.edu

  1. Avoid the Routine– Daily routines are very unhealthy for our brain. Getting up at fixed time, getting ready, going to office, sleeping etc, are the things which you can improvise. Following the routine everyday does not challenge your brain, as it gets used to it and let’s face it, routines are boring.


  1. Meditate – The hardest but important thing to do is meditate. Our brain is functioned to think and to meditate and stop thinking is difficult. But meditation really helps to calm your mind which eventually makes the brain function properly and handle the panic situations less stressfully.


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  1. Think Creatively– Creativity is a good exercise for the brain. It challenges the brain to think in a different and imaginative way which creates new neurons in your brain.


Source: blog.udemy

  1. Try New Things– Learn new stuff every day. Start reading, if you are not, join some classes you are interested in, get out of that comfort zone.


source: isigood

  1. Stay Socially Active– Interacting with other people or new people always teaches you new things and you get new experiences in your life which improves the cognitive growth.

Source: trainer.ae


The more kinds of mental activities you engage in, the happier and healthier your brain will be.



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