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Things Kids nowadays will Never Have

Things Kids nowadays will Never Have


The kids these days are flooded with electronics and fun for them means PS3 or an exotic new gadget. However, there are things that the kids now days shall never have; and of course we have enjoyed to the best. Here is to all that the 90’s kids shall remember forever and the kids now will never know of. All those moments of having fixed a time to play or the joys of enjoying the Ice Golas on the streets; kids these days have indeed missed out on a lot!

#1 The joy of passing chits in class

Everyone is now connected via social media and you are always connected with friends; if not offline then online!

#2 Winding those film tapes


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Those were the days weren’t they? When you used to insert the pen/pencil into the hole of those cassettes and wind the tape.

#3 When Gel pens were your priced possession

Source: sofarfromheaven.com

Collecting gel pens of different colours and of various companies were once the best thing we used to do? (I still do that) After all, stationeries are supposed to be taken pride of!

#4 Oh, that irritating landline cord!


Source: youtube.com

One of the most frustrating thing was that one tangle in the cord; how it irritated us always! Mobile phones and wireless have taken over now!

#5 When all you had to refer to was an encyclopaedia

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Google hasn’t been in here forever. Those good old days they were when you rushed to the library every time a new project was assigned. Learning wasn’t online then!

#6 The camera rolls and negative!

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It was one proud moment when you had a camera roll and every click counted. Unlike now when all we do is click click click! The most exciting part earlier was when the pictures were finally developed and you had the physical copies in your hand!

#7 The Windows Screensaver that made your heads swing!

Source: diply.com

We all have done that at least once, looked straight into the screen for as long as we could until our heads turned around!

#8 Floppy disks!

Source: www.aww.com.au

They were fun weren’t they? We always had one spare floppy disk at hand in case we needed to carry files and data around!

#9 Flip phones!

Source: parenting.com


Yet another proud moment was when your phone rang and your boasted to pick it up by opening it through. Oh and those slide phones were equally fun!

#10 Those games we played!

Source: kidtimes.wordpress.com

From mash to the FLAMES and to the Name, place, animal, thing; not to forget BINGO! All of them were lifelong memories!

#11 Pretending to smoke with these!

Source: breakingoffapiece.com

The coolest candies they were for all of us!

#12 When texting was a task and you had to keep a check on the number of messages per day!

Source: ask.com

Hah! Thanks to social media and to all the IM applications, we can text all day all night with Wi-Fi or cellular data!


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