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Paradise of Spendthrifts: Burrabazar, Kolkata

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Shopping in Kolkata is like a treasure hunt. You don’t know- in which alley or tiny shop, you will find your perfect buy at a great price. Kolkata is one of those rare metros in India, which has maintained its ingenuity along with the modernization of the city. You can feel it in terms of markets of Kolkata. There are swanky malls like City Centre 1 & 2, South City, Forum, Quest mall etc. , and then there are classic flea markets like Gariahat, New market, Esplanade to name a few.

If you think that the ones, who are a little bit of orthodox, don’t follow the hullabaloo about the glamorous shopping malls- shop from the flea markets, then you are wrong. Even the hip, gen-next also populate the bust footpaths of Kolkata and bargain tooth and nail to strike the best deals with hawkers/vendors.

If you want to experience a chaotic Indian-style market area that’s often likened to Delhi’s famous Chandni Chowk, head to Bara Bazaar (also known as Burrabazar). This wholesale market, which started out as a yarn and textile market, offers everything at cheap prices. It’s not easy to navigate through. Similar to New Market, it’s divided into separate sections specializing in various items such as spices, electronic goods, textiles, home decor, toys, cosmetics, and artificial jewelry. The market is particularly colourful during festivals such as Diwali when special stalls selling diyas and lanterns are set up.

One of the oldest markets of Kolkata, it is located near the Mahatma Gandhi Metro station. It is one of the biggest wholesale markets of textile in the country. Whatever your need is you can find it here from electronic goods to artificial jewellery. There are four subdivisions of the market namely Dhotipatti, Tullapatti, Fancypatti, and Chinipatti. There are many chowks and katras which have existed from the medieval period of India. This market is one of the most popular wholesale markets in Kolkata for Clothes

Its sheer enormity and size translate into an equally wide assortment of goods and items to the delight of shoppers. There is a popular saying, which says that for the right price you could even purchase the eye of a tiger here. Every conceivable item that you can imagine can be purchased in Burrabazar.





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