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Legendary and well-known Events in Sydney, Australia


Each year Sydney welcomes many visitors from different parts of the world. It is known for its world-class hotels, iconic architecture, annual events, and national parks. The annual events are some of the things you do not want to miss when you visit Sydney, Australia. Below are some of those famous events.


  1. Sydney Film Festival

The event is always in June every year and is the longest-running festival of its kind. Sydney Film Festival is one of the major events in the cultural calendar of New South Wales. You will see the city in a new way, and the short films, animation, and documentaries from all over the world will keep you entertained at the festival. During the festival, there are places that you may wish to visit, such as the art gallery of the New South Wales for the screening, experiencing a farm stay in NSW or go to the skyline drive-in Blacktown for a night under the stars.


  1. The Kosciuszko Horse Race

The Kosciuszko horse race keeps you entertained once you are in Sydney. You only need to visit any NSW AHA hotel or TAB electronic Betting site to buy your ticket for the Kosciuszko horse race. When the time-honored Caulfield Cup is hosted on the same day when this event is held. The event is a big platform that is used to exhibit the NSW country-trained horses. The events provide great betting odds for those fans who place their bets on the race. You get the privilege to live bet on a horse while watching it on the tracks.


  1. Australian Open of Surfing

This event is the ultimate annual sports festival that takes place in Sydney. If you are a fan of surfing or enjoy surfing, you are not left out because every year in March, a definitive sort happens. From Sydney Harbor, you need a short ride to arrive on the sands of manly beach where the event is always held. The event involves skate, BMX competitions, and surf with live music playing. On the beach away from the city, you will have a chance to enjoy yourself as you watch the most loved sport in Australia.


  1. Vivid Sydney

To start winter with the best momentum and luck, vivid Sydney makes the city life again with lights and music. Buildings in the city are used as a creative canvas to transform the city into an outdoor gallery. The event takes place each year from late May to early June, and all you need to expect is live music performance, discussions, debates, light installations, and projections. To enjoy Vivid Sydney, you need to have an open mind. During the event, fireworks are widely used in the darling Harbor. You will also have a memorable trip around the Sydney Harbor because many cruises depart from the rounded quay.


  1. Sydney Zombie Walk

On the last week of October each year, as we approach Halloween, thousands of people are seen dragging their feet like zombies turning the city center of Sydney into a zombie massacre. The event’s crucial target is to raise money for the Brain Foundation, even though it is also for entertainment and reminder about the zombies living amongst us. You should miss the event once you are in Sydney as it is one of the most enjoyable events you will ever attend.


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