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Top Beaches in the Caribbean


The Caribbean is known for many things — great weather, music, cuisine, cocktails, and warm, friendly people. Atop that list, these islands are home of some of the best beaches in the world. Lulling waters, powdery sands, and palm trees are a few reasons that the region has earned its reputation. Though there are countless idyllic beaches to choose from, here are the best Caribbean beaches so you can start planning your next island getaway.


  1. Cayman Islands

Grand Caiman is the largest of the three islands, and where most of the passengers arrive. In turn, Georgetown is the largest and capital city. Fort George dates from the 18th century, and has the replicas of the cannons that were used to defend Grand Cayman from the Spanish and other pirates.


In the north of the Grand Cayman, most of the activities are based on beach life and water activities. There is one of the flagship excursions there, which allows you to swim with stingrays in their natural environment. Less than 5 kilometers away, are the black limestone formations that rise above the ground and are called Hell (another must-see on the island).


A historical place to visit on the island is the Pedro St. James, known to the locals as Pedro’s castle. In the all over best Caribbean beaches, this one is really beautiful place to visit and is Seven Mile Beach, a paradise of white sands and turquoise waters. It is recommended to take a boat trip. In addition, you cannot miss the culture of the Cayman Islands and the exquisite cuisine.


  1. Barbados

Since its independence in 1966 it has been a parliamentary democracy, modeled on the United Kingdom. More than 90% of the population is descended from African slaves, who came to work on the sugar cane plantations, the main economic supporter until the late 1960s.


One of the historic sites is St. Nicholas Abbey, one of three remaining Jacobean-style mansions in the Western Hemisphere, home to the island’s most beautiful rum distillery.


Barbados is an island of coral formation, not of volcanic origin like the rest of the Caribbean, and that is why crystallized limestone caves were discovered crossed by streams, water wells and semi-waterfalls: they are known as Harrison’s Cave.


  1. Aruba

Its capital is Oranjestad and its streets are invaded with Dutch architecture, mixed with luxury and boutique shops. Among its emblematic buildings, the Stadhui stands out, where the Town Hall and the Civil Registry of the island are located. One of the must-sees of this island is to visit Eagle Beach, ranked as the third best beach 2019 by Trip Advisor, with one of the best sunsets in the Caribbean.


Another fantastic place is the Renaissance Island, very famous because it is inhabited by pink flamingos. The majestic California Lighthouse is another place you must visit. The Alto Vista Catholic Chapel, also known as the Pilgrims’ Church, was built in 1750. It is said that the conversion of Indians to Christianity in Aruba took place there.


Among its beaches, Seven Miles stands out, this is located in the city of Negril, to the east of the island, an ideal place to relax on its white sands and crystal-clear waters.


  1. Puerto Rico

The historic neighborhood, called Old San Juan, was built between the sixteenth and seventeenth centuries, and are historical sites that have the recognition of Unesco, with colorful and charming buildings.


One of the oldest natural reserves in the West is located just one hour from the capital: it is the El Yunque tropical forest. The “El Girasol” farm is another essential place to visit on the island, where you can visit to see the growth of this flower in its different phases.


The Salinas in Cabo Rojo are one of the lesser known natural treasures in Puerto Rico. In the Reserve, you will find the Morillos Lighthouse to enjoy a beautiful panoramic view.


Attention surfers! Puerto Del Sol is the surf capital of the country, and Rincón is the most popular destination among adventurers, with mythical beaches of the circuit.


  1. Dominican Republic

Beautiful beaches mix between history and nature. Its capital is Santo Domingo, a city that was named in 2018 as one of the “friendliest” in the world.


Among its cobbled squares, beyond the typical delicacies of the place, is the first Cathedral of the New World and the first paved street in America.


Punta Cana is the most touristic part of the Dominican Republic, located at the eastern end of the country, and famous for its beaches and all-inclusive resorts: one of the most beautiful beaches is in Bávaro, with tours to explore the island and even the possibility of diving with sharks.


  1. Bahamas.

An almost mandatory destination for lovers of water sports. Among the 13,878 square kilometers of surface there are 700 small islands and 2,400 keys, although only 30 of the islands are inhabited.

The exumas are an essential group of islands if you plan to visit the Bahamas: the archipelago is made up of 365 islands and cays, with white sands and deserted beaches that contrast with the color of the water.

On the island of Leaf Cay, we can meet the famous Bahamian iguanas. Its owner was the renowned actor Nicolas Cage, who bought this island in 2006 for 3 million dollars, and four years later sold it for 7 million.

Ship Channel Cay: sharks and manta rays inhabit its crystal-clear waters, a unique experience because the animals are in their natural habitat. One historic site is Fort Montagu, site of the first United States military action in 1776.


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