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World Migratory Bird Day


SING, FLY, SOAR like a bird

The Environment Department of Dubai Municipality organized various environmental events on Saturday, 9th October 2021, at Creek Park on the World Migratory Bird Day which celebrates bird and nature.

Funun Arts, UAE based art community joined this event by putting up an art exhibition followed by live painting to show their responsibility towards the environment. 17 artists showcased their work which were purely reflecting the love towards bird, nature, and environment. Along with these 6 artists did a live painting spreading the message of love towards the nature. Three students Khan Ayaan Abdulla, Mohd. Huzaifa Khan and Sumayyah Faridi along with established artist were also the part of event setting up an example for the youth generation.


The participating artists were, Anum Sultana, Deepika Devan, Farah Khan, Imran Manzoor, Labiba Ferhat, Madiha Khan, Mankush Srivastava, Rania Elsalamony, Sabah Anees, Sadia Fahad, Saida Bano, Saima Hasan, Shiba Khan, Sumayyah Faridi, Svetlana Kreventsova and Varsha Parab.



Shiba Khan, an artists, art activist and founder of Funun Arts who exhibited her artwork and also did live painting said: “As art is the best way to express, We Funun Arts along with people all over the world celebrate World Migratory Bird Day, a global campaign which aims to raise awareness of migratory
birds and the need for international cooperation to conserve them. We are thankful to Dubai Municipality to give us this opportunity. Her artwork titled Sunshine shows a new beginning and new hope. “Migratory birds are always a delight to watch and to have our generations watch them, we must
keep them safe.”.


Farah Khan, photographer and creative head of Funun Arts said: “This year's global event, with the theme, "Sing, Fly, Soar, like a Bird," focuses on the phenomena of the birds' voices and flight as a way to inspire and connect people of all ages in their shared desire to celebrate migratory birds and unite in a joint global effort to protect them and their habitats. My click of a
Hawk, which symbolize as intelligence, independence, adaptability and much more. They have inhabit every continent and that’s the reason they are also known as the example of freedom. Let us make the most of World Migratory Bird Day by joining hands to protect the migratory birds from the different
threats they witness. All the artists showcased their artwork and photographs depicting their love towards the environment.


Mr. Ahmed Al Awadhi, a pioneer emirate artist said: “The occasion of World Migratory Bird Day reminds each one of us of the importance of migratory birds that are an important part of our ecosystem.
Along with the art event, there were many more attractions to educate more and more people, like how to track the path of migratory birds, workshops on nest making, yoga and more workshops and competitions.




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