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Samaira Wallani, Founder and Director, Stylicious by Sam Makeup Artistry shares her secrets to prepare your skin for this summer.


Samaira Wallani, Founder and Director, Stylicious by  Sam Makeup Artistry shares her secrets to prepare your skin for this summer.

Over the last 8 years Samaira has worked with a lot of celebrities like Sania Mirza, Salman Yusuf khan, Akshara Gowda, Shreya Rao and many more on multiple projects.

Samaira believes that makeup is about empowering and not overpowering a personality. As we head into the summer season she is happy to share a few tips around makeup & skin care to achieve the perfect summer glow & maintaining healthy skin.

Choosing the right Moisturizer

The way you care for your skin is just as important as the makeup you apply to it. Use an oil-free moisturizer in the morning. Its important to choose a Moisturizer that works with your skin type.

No matter how expensive your makeup brands are, you will not achieve a flawless skin without the prep work.

– Layer on sunscreen with UV protection and a good Primer.

I cannot insist enough on the importance of sunscreen. You also want to make sure it’s properly protected from the sun — and that means wearing sunscreen every single day, even under your makeup.  (Applying makeup over sunburned skin is not fun.)
You should be re-applying sunscreen every two hours. Yes even in the night.
Select the primer suited to your skin type & apply it over the sunscreen.

– Glow up with some bronzer

Bronzer makes your eyes look brighter, everyone looks better with a little warmth added to their skin. To keep the results looking fresh and natural apply bronzer just to the high points of your face, where the sun naturally hits you: forehead, cheekbones, chin, and nose. (Covering every nook and cranny is what gives you that fake, baked look.)

– Less is More ..

If you want to prevent your makeup from creasing and caking, say it with us: Less is more. If you can, just use a tinted moisturizer and a concealer when you need it.

– Skip the shimmer in the summer as you are already glowing in natural light.

Everyone loves a nice, dewy glow, but there’s a big difference between a healthy radiance and an over-the-top shine. Avoid cream foundations or anything too luminous, as the humidity will make you extra shiny and sweaty-looking if you have too much sparkle on your skin.

– Use tints instead of powder blush and matte lipstick they stay longer and look fresher.

– Never ever step out with out a makeup fixer .

– Your skin health is a mirror of your gut health. More that what goes on your skin be aware or what goes in your stomach. Keep your gut clean.
Coconut water, our very own fresh KoKam water ,fresh juices, nuts like almonds, Walnuts and not to forget the  greens leafy vegetables.

– A proper diet and protein intake along with simple physical exercise brings out the internal glow keeping your skin looking healthy and young.

– Never sleep with makeup. Double cleansing is extremely crucial to avoid clogging pores and acne.

– Last but not least dont forget to wear your smile and confidence at all times. Self confidence is most important and remember you are beautiful just the way you are.

Wish you a fabulous and positive summer. Stay beautiful and Stay Safe.

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