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10 Golden Dating Rules for the Perfect First Date


Is it your first date? You’re maybe wondering how to make a perfect impression and make everything perfect. It’s not as hard as it may seem to be, all you have to do is plan every detail and relax.

Here are 10 successful rules to help you for the perfect first date:

  • Dating Rule #1. Your first priority in a relationship – no matter what kindPerfect First Date of a relationship you are in – is to yourself. To do that, you’ll need to love yourself by ensuring you are ready to date before taking the plunge, as well as having a strong sense of self-worth and esteem.
  • Dating Rule #2. Do have fun when dating. Not only does trying to make your date happy make you feel good, but it is also one of the first signs of attraction. And numerous studies have shown that when taking someone out on a date, the primary
  • Dating Rule #3. Appear confident. Be sure to smile, keep your back straight, listen attentively, walk with your shoulders back and speak slowly. This will make you seem confident, even if you are quivering with nervousness inside.
  • Dating Rule #4. Men Did the Asking. A lady simply didn’t ask a gentleman out. She didn’t call him either, unless he called her first. Girls and women really did sit by the phone, waiting for a man to call. Plus, with no cell phones, voicemail, or caller I.D., you’d have to be home if you wanted to know he’d called.
  • Dating Rule #5. Don’t open your heart and soul early on. Be mysterious. Do not give any financial information or clues about your ex-lover or your job. Play the game of seek and hide for a while. She will do the same. Let her think she’s in control but be careful not to scare her with too much mystery.
  • Dating Rule #6. Be a Strong Negotiator. When communication alone isn’tdate tips enough to weather a relationship through stormy times, negotiation skills come into play. In order to work through the issues that arise in these kinds of circumstances, both partners must be able and willing to negotiate. When done with respect and awareness, negotiation can be the key to unlock a shared bright future.
  • Dating Rule #7. A Gentleman Always Paid.According to traditional dating rules, the man paid for everything. A woman didn’t even need to bring money, except maybe a dime to call home “just in case.” Since a woman wasn’t expected to have a career, she also wasn’t expected to have any money of her own.
  • Dating Rule #8. Communicate Well and Clearly. It is impossible to have a healthy relationship without strong communication. In essence, communication is the bridge that forms between partners, helping them create a sacred space in the middle ground where they meet in order to foster love and intimacy. Without clear communication, two people who seem like they are connected romantically to outsiders truly aren’t; instead they just going through the motions, lacking the intimacy they require to move forward, together.
  • Dating Rule #9. No sex. Don’t rush sexual intimacy. Early sex is one sure-fire way to ruin a relationship. Make him prove his love for you before you get intimate.
  • Dating Rule #10. A Date Was Only a Date. There was no confusion about what the evening “meant.” You knew it was a date. Men and women weren’t often just friends. So if a man called a woman and asked her to dinner, it was definitely a date. It was also considered polite to ask several days ahead, and for a specific date and time. Then, you didn’t cancel a date unless something extremely important came up.

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