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Tips On How To Start Running


Running is one of the best ways to get fit and lose weight. You can burn over 100 calories in ten minutes of running, all while also toning and strengthening multiple muscles. However, many also find it difficult to get started. Time and again, I hear people say “I can’t run” or “I get too winded,” but there are a few simple tricks to learning to run without great difficulty.  Below are few ways to get started.

Five Tips On How To Start Running

Go Slow: When most people have difficulty running, it is because they are going too fast. Even the pros run slow on many of their training days to avoid injury and to save their best running for races. You should go slow enough that you can carry on a conversation while running. If you can’t, you are going too fast. For new runners a 11:00-13:00 minute mile pace, or even slower, could be quite normal.

Start With a Run/Walk  Program: A new runner often cannot run very long, even at a slow pace, without feeling uncomfortable. Too much running, too fast, can also take a toll on the body and lead to injury.  To work into running gradually, try a run walk schedule. At first, run 1 minute and walk 5 for 30 minutes, the next week run 2 minutes and walk 4. Keep increasing the run time until you are running for 30 minutes straight. Also look for a couch to 5k or similar program and register for a 5k fun run at the end of it to give yourself a goal.

Get the Right Gear: Running is even more difficult in the wrong gear. Go to a running store and get fitted for the correct shoes. Also avoid cotton and wear wicking fabric instead. Especially avoid cotton socks.

Recruit a Friend: Many find that running is much more pleasurable when done with a friend or in groups. But by talking to each other, you assure that you don’t go too fast, and the socialization is a great distraction from any difficulties that you might face from the exertion.

Don’t Give Up! Staring any new exercise program is difficult, but if you start slow and stick with the program, you can find yourself getting into shape fast.

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