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Defy All “Beauty” Norms

Defy All “Beauty” Norms

For ages, people have tried to standardise the term “beauty”. But, beauty is perpetually an emotion rather than just being a matter of physical attraction.

You cannot define it, rationalise it or authenticate it. Just accept the way people are, it is the actual beauty.

The Race- game:

Constant racial bias has chained us to stick to one notion of being beautiful i.e. being white. But, when Naomi Campbell walks the ramp she oozes, the same exotic charm like any other “white” supermodel. The idea is not to be ashamed if you belong to a certain race, but to take pride in natural pigmentation of your skin, because it sets you apart from others.

If you are black or white or pink with polka dots; you are people deserving compassion!!!!

The body shame

And never forget to, shun all the ideas of the perfect body; you have a perfect body if you feel good in it. Be it, Nadia Aboulhosn, Kaela Humphries or Fluvia Lacerda, they have all defied all the norms of being skinny beautiful. Learn from them, feel beautiful, embrace your curve work for a strong body not skinny one. And, don’t raise an eye at any skinny girl or supermodel, because at the end of the day, they are all people, with different body type and lifestyles. Be respectful to others as an individual.

If the right picture is beautiful, then left one is gorgeous too!!!!

“Beauty lies in the eyes of beholder”

Old or young, struggling with your weight or perfectly content in your body; whether you are multi-talented or haven’t yet figured out what your talent is – you are important. You are needed. Speak 8 languages or struggle enough with your native tongue, the dream of making your mark or dream of just making it through the day… you are here for a purpose.

If the right picture is awesome, then left is breathtaking too.

Next time, before you judge a person by his/ her physical appearance remember; inside the intimidating frame of the toughest man lies the heart of a teddy bear, at the core of the petite woman beats the heart of a warrior. The pierced and tattooed man is generally most tender of fathers.

For if right pictures speaks volumes of love, the left has the heartbeat-skipping moment too!!!

That woman, who looks like she has it all together, might be dying inside. Fragile, beautiful, imperfect, often courageous, interesting, we are just beautiful in our own way. Underneath our piercings and hair styles, our head scarves or blue jeans, our parkas or sarongs… we are just people. People who, only crave love and give away love.


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