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Few Hacks For Your Winter Closet

Few Hacks For Your Winter Closet

Winter is coming. Yes, the very famous Game of Thrones reference quotes the inevitable. With September lugging around on its last legs followed by an indifferent October, a brand new season of winter will be upon us in no time. The cold winter every year marks the onset of a chilling, breezy weather as if suggesting us to keep our mittens ready and coats dry cleaned to ward off the cool off of your wardrobe. Some may find themselves stuck in a fashion rut having no clue about what can add bling to their attire. Most of us, fighting off the merciless chill unknowingly, tend to lay off our style senses. Soon our winter wear attains a monotonous theme sooner or later. Unless you have a few hacks of your own to save yourself!

Coats: the over-alls

Nothing comes in as handy as a buttoned-up pull-up collar coat in the harsh, cold winds when a blizzard hits the surface. Wanna look good as the catastrophe around? Use a uber snuggly yet equally striking faux fur coat to cover up yourself without letting the cold bite you.











Call in the Cashmere

Cashmere, the luxury of old times, however, affordable nowadays by almost everyone, is a fine way of reinventing your closet in the dark, depressing days of winter. Whip up a sophisticated vibe with a soft cashmere sweater and a skater skirt. Even add in a pair of warm cashmere tights. Finish off the look with a formal coat, a pair of cashmere tights and complimenting boots. Glove up your delicate hands for the perfect chic yet a sophisticated ensemble.









Elegant Leather-ons!

Feeling a little lazy to spice up your clothing style, don’t let the worry lines mark your face. We have the perfect solution. Pair up your just-lying-around leather pants with an oversized sweater and add a little edge with some sexy heels and a handbag. You will be one trendsetting diva in the house in no time when you walk through the doors!










Dress Boldly

If dresses are your thing to remain in vogue, well then bring on the lengthies or even the shorties. Just make sure you have enough layering underneath. Pairing it up with a jacket or a blazer and a warm scarf can do the trick. High heeled boots are a must-have in the wintery churns!










And who knows when the sun breaks the ice sheets for the first time, all we might want for the serenity of winter and classiness of our style and charisma to stay. Farewell to the winters can be hard if you know how to swing it during the cold reign. At this point, cheer up and rock the chill.


Written By: Kriti Chandra


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