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Earth Day


What is Earth Day?

Earth day is celebrated every year since 1970, as a reminder to people to protect our environment. It is supported by 193 countries and is celebrated on 22nd April. Peace activist John McConnell proposed the idea at an UNESCO conference, of celebrating a day in the honour of our planet to maintain peace and geographical integrity.

In other words, it is a day to spread the word around the world to reduce global warming and start using clean energy.

Events Held

Annual events are held worldwide to support earth day.Generally, the earth day event celebration starts with the common practice of new trees plantation in the required areas worldwide.

Plant a tree today and make the earth live longer.

Problems Faced by Earth

One of the major problems of our planet is depletion of Ozone layer which is meant to protect the ultra violet rays. Other problem is death of the rivers due o industrialisation which ultimately leads to global warming.

Industrialisation leads to deforestation, increase in pollution and rise in the temperature of the earth.

What We Can Do To Save Earth

We need to take steps right now to avoid the danger of earth being completely destroyed due to our own actions.


Avoid using plastic as it is non-degradable. Start using natural energy like solar, wind, wave etc. Avoid using vehicles to reduce air pollution. Enhance energy conservation by reducing the use of electricity. Keep your environment clean. Mahatma Gandhi once said, “Earth provides enough to satisfy every man’s need, not every man’s greed”.


It’s our earth, it’s our responsibility, let’s celebrate EARTH DAY together. Let’s join our hands together to make the earth a better place to live in.


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