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Find your Voice…to Be Attractive


VOICE is one of the most important factors that makes you attractive and its your right and duty to beautify your voice , if you want to make place in people’s heart.

It’s a great pleasure for me to talk about VOICE , for beattractive.in

Voice , is a very first element that reaches your listener, so your voice should be healthy, clear, focused and vibrant.And its very easy to make it special and noticeable..yes!!!

Now you will ask me how?

The Answer is very simple,

First , I would like to share with you that ..your voice is your breath..so we start by making your breath strong..there are exercises to do that, its easy and enjoyable.

Then, we work on various dimensions of art of voicing , which is pitch, volume , modulations and expressions.Idea is to use your voice effectively for your own profession.You may be a doctor, engineer,student,house wife or lawyer..find your voice.

If you think that you need to improve your voice quality, we certainly have a solution for you.

Please write to us on beattractive.in and find your voice..age , no bar…gender, no bar, profession no bar…love voice , train voice, join viva

We are coming up with very special videos soon, just subscribe and make your voice attractive.

Are you ready?

Go for it!!!

Find your Voice…to Be Attractive

Vandana sengupta
Voice trainer


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