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What Happens when you Consume Bread?


Consumption of bread has increased, whether it is white or whole grain. We have always heard white breads are not healthy and fitness freaks of today are definitely avoiding breads in general, white, brown or whole grain, while the dieticians suggest opting for whole grain bread. Let’s check out its pros and cons to get a clear idea.


  • Low-Carb Flu

Carbs are really important for your brain to work. Bread contains lots of carbs. Carbs are like fuel to the brain. lack of carbs may cause tiredness, dizziness, insomnia and much more which makes you think you have a flu.



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  • You lose water weight

You will notice a difference in your weight when you stop eating bread. You start losing weight fairly quickly but wait, it’s not the fats you are losing, its water. When you don’t eat bread the level of carbohydrate decreases. Each gram of carbohydrate stores three to four times its weight in water. Hence, you start losing water weight.



  • It makes you gain weight

Eating too much of bread makes you gain weight more quickly. All the carbs and preservatives added in the processed breads increase your chances of gaining weight, although, eating moderately is fine.


  • It doesn’t have much nutrients

Bread is not a healthy option because it does not contain many nutrients, especially white bread. It does not contain any fibre or the wholesomeness of grains. If you want you can opt for whole wheat bread to get some nutrients.

  • Contains too much of salt


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All processed bread contains lots of salt which is harmful for your body. Sure a slice or two won’t do any damage but reducing the intake of bread can definitely lower the sodium in your body.

  • Contains gluten

Gluten is a kind of protein found a lot in wheat, hence the elasticity in the breads dough. Some people are sensitive to gluten. The immune system in the digestive tract attacks gluten causing severe pain, bloating, tiredness and other symptoms.


Source: health.usnews

Looking at the pros and cons, I think we should not bail the bread forever. But we should surely reduce its intake.


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