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Summer ’22 Group Art Exhibition


Dubai is blessed with a beautiful summer and its vibrant effect of sunshine. It is said that you need one happy thought to overcome a negative mind-set. Everything good and everything magical happens when you are pursuing your happiness.


During the lockdown in 2020, all artists were stuck inside but they had their dreams, visions and talents they were showing online. Many were discovering a new realm of talents. Since we have stepped back outside, the artists are showing how they have grown in many ways.


Dubai Based visual art teacher and artist, Paulomi Rana and her husband, Kirit Rana, a businessman, sculptor, and artist studied together in M.S.U. Fine Arts Faculty, Baroda, Gujarat, India. They and their daughter Sharmin Rana who is an architect and artist herself are inspired by the art and culture of Dubai. Their inner wish is to host an art exhibition in Dubai. They share their dreams, feelings and passion. They have now decided to show their art together on one platform with a unique theme, ‘THE SUMMER ’22 Art Exhibition’.


In their leisure time, they have always chatted, talked, worked for art and shared their ideas for different arts and techniques. The family often visit art exhibitions and enjoy meeting artists, discuss about their art and share opinions too.


“The artist in me is always alive and this passion pushed me to finally be able to achieve my lifelong dream of being a full-time artist. I started visiting international art exhibitions and meet artists. Dubai is a big hub for art and culture activities. When we see other artists on board, my inner wish came out from my heart.” – Paulomi Rana


When Paulomi shared her action plan to other artists, they were inspired too and also came forward to join her. This way, Paulomi and her family were able to achieve their wish to organise an art show with a group of talented individuals.


Paulomi Rana                                The Beachy Summer


Paulomi is nature lover and likes to spend her time in nature and loves to paint various moods of landscapes in different mediums. From many years she had a dream to work as an artist and participate and host art exhibitions. She was a visual arts teacher in Dubai schools from last 22 years.


Kriti Rana majored as a sculptor in university. He enjoys creating something new out of the ordinary and discarded materials always motivated him to pursue this branch of art. He plans to take on sculpturing and creating garden sculptures as he transforms into a full-time artist.



Kirit Rana                                                  A lovely Day


Sharmin Rana specialises in both traditional and digital art. As an architecture student, she got the opportunity to explore art and creativity in a different field. It was a combination of design and art that brought about a drive to express her ideas and implement them.


Sharmin  Rana                                            Digital Art

Anjana Ajith is a Graphic Designer and Artist. She is a Graphic Design student and aims to incorporate traditional art in her creative work. She has participated in several art competitions since she was 15 years old and now she is pursuing her dreams of becoming a full-fledged artist. She believes that this is the right opportunity to showcase her talents. Art is her gift and she treasures it.



Anjana Ajith                                         Beauty at night   

Moni Shyam is a homemaker with a passion for painting. She loves to use bright hues in her paintings. Over the past few years Monica has introduced herself to different mediums of art and discovering new methods to expand her horizons and talents.


Moni Shyam                                      Sunset


Reena Dhiman, an Eco & Contemporary Artist. She expresses herself with colours and multiple art forms. She has participated in various exhibitions. One of her favourite pieces is the Circle of Life in acrylic. She believes to do good and that the best is waiting for you.


Reena Dhiman                                                       Circle Of Life


Dr Sangeeta Parashar, a Fluid & Abstract Resin Artist. Doctor by profession and creativity as an ultimate passion. She realised her potential to succeed in the art world during the pandemic when she pursued her passion and spent her time learning from others as well as practicing the art of resin herself.


Dr Sangeeta Parashar                      Resin Art

These artists will come together to show their creative works evening at 5 to 9 pm

on 18th June, Gallery Vibes, Level 2, A5 Orange Parking, opposite to The Theater, Mall Of The Emirates.

The event will be attended by Chief Guest M/s Isha Qureshi Dubai based a well known Indian personality Former MRS Universe 2019and VIP Guest Mr Abdulla Al Mubarak and many other eminent Artists.


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