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Fitbit Flex vs Xiaomi Mi Band

Fitbit Flex vs Xiaomi Mi Band

‘Wearable Technologies’ are the new cool now. You can keep a track of your pulse rate, steps walked, calories burned, and also heart rates. With the help of these devices you can keep a check on your activities and Smart bands as they are, they shall help you be fit.


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So here is a comparison between one of the two well know Smart bands, the Fitbit Flex and Xiaomi Mi Band.


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Battery Life: The difference here is actually commendable, or let us say astonishing. The Fitbit Flex needs to be charged in every 4 days while the Mi Band can last for as long as a month; yes you heard it right; A month!

Mi Band gets the point here!

Features: Both Flex and Mi Band are supposed to work up the two main features of tracking sleep and steps which they do pretty accurately. For Fitbit Flex however, activating the sleep mode is quite a task and if by chance you forget to do it, well, the phone will show zero minutes of sleep!

For MiBand, on the other hand, it is indeed smart enough to detect it automatically. Another of their feature includes the vibration during an alarm instead of the loud tones. Mi Band has three dots on the tracker which indicates the number of steps you have taken out of the goal you set. Looking at those dots, you can see whether you are still to finish half the amount of the steps or you have complete 1/3 of your goal. Flex has the same, but you need to check it up, and when done it will buzz!

Mi Band has different colors for different notifications and vibration patterns for a particular notification! Both are resistant to water unless you don’t take them for a swim of course!

The added advantage of Flex is that it also calculates the calorie intake. It might be added advantage for some while for others it could be just another minor feature!

Here, Mi Band gets the point given its price and features while Fitbit Flex gets the point considering the additional benefits!

Price:  These are more than just Smart bands, they serve has fitness trackers and therefore they are often overly priced. Fitbit Flex is one such band. Mi Band on the other hand is available for just $17 and even if by chance anything goes wrong with it, it wont be much of a heartbreak. However, Fitbit Flex on the other hand will cost you a whopping $100.

Mi Band has the point again!

Accuracy: The accuracy level for both the bands is pretty much the same and well, you can’t really trick it into creasing your footsteps just by swinging your arms. However, FitBit Flex is a little more on the accurate side but their readings always differ.

Both Mi Band and Fitbit Flex get the point here!

Apps: Now here, while using fitness trackers, you need to have the specific app. FitBit flex is on the bore accessible side because it works with iOS, Android as well as on the desktops; the Mi Band on the other hand works with only iOS and Android.

FitBit gets another point!

The winner? Well, the choice is yours! Mi Band is value for money while the Fitbit Flex can still have some improvements incorporated into it!


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