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Brothers Day – Quotes and Greetings


It isn’t only all the women who need the pampering; men also deserve to be made felt special on small little occasions. A man is a father, son, husband and a brother. Some find their brothers from another mothers, while some have their own brothers and first cousins. It is always good to have a brother to go to with all your problems and to have someone protect you against all the odds; someone to secretly fulfill all your demands and someone who would love you the most, without having to say it.

So here is to a day to celebrate Brothers. Brothers Day is celebrated on the 24th May of every year and it celebrated the bond shared between a brother and a sister or between brothers. A brother is someone we always fight with, but a brother is also someone we always find out respite in. Gifts are exchanged and wishes are made, celebrations are done in their own sweet little ways.

So if you are wondering how to wish your Brother, the least you could do is may be send a sweet wish which will bring a smile on his face. Here are some quotes and greetings for your Brothers on this Brothers day.

To the one who protected me,

And helped me through;

To the one who made me smile,

And also made me cry;

To the one who has always been there,

And put an end to my despair;

Happy brothers day!


A brother is a friend in disguise,

Someone who adds not just sugar but also spice;

A brother is the third parent,

Someone whose love is always felt;

Thank you for being that someone!

Happy brothers day!


B – Blessing in disguise

R – Righteous and upright

O – Outstanding companion

T – Talent overloaded

H – Happening as always

E – Earnestly lovable

R – Royal treatment

That’s you!

Happy brothers day!


On days like this,

You feel like bliss;

I might say it never,

But I will love you forever!

Happy brothers day!


Words fall short to describe the person you have been; both, your love and your anger, I have seen. You love like an angel, and get angry like a kid. Thank you for being the best brother ever! Happy Brothers Day!


Your laughs are merry,

And you love like a fairy;

You have been my angel,

And took me out of danger!

Happy Brothers Day!


We are brothers by birth,

Friends by choice;

There is nothing that will ever have us apart;

On this brothers day,

I love you is what I will confess!

Happy Brothers Day!


Just a day can’t celebrate you,

But this day would make you special;

You are always loved and cared for!

Happy Brothers Day!


And that was about some quotes and greetings for all the lovely brothers out there! So what are you waiting for? Pick up your phones, and tell them they are special!



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