These Indoor plants are easier to maintain and handle (Nature)


    Wish to fill your home with green energy in the form of plants, we have got some great Plants ideas for you, which are very easy to maintain. They will fill your days with peace without hassle:
    1. Cactus: Minimalistic in every sense, although Indian Parents won’t allow you to have a throne in house but now days they are quite in fashion with their variation and no hassle attitude.
    2. Succulents: Quite a popular plants among Metro Residents due to its proclivity of less. Can handle low lights very well and needs watering only twice a month.

    3. Spider Plant: Plants with great reproductive rate. It’s leaves grows quite in size, which make them quite a choice for your living area. Their capacity to retain moisture is good and hence , you can be a lazy ass sometimes.

    4. Money Plant: You just can’t miss out this amazing beauty with all its beautiful leaves. Unlike other green leafy plants this is little sensitive but with little care, you can have an extremely beautiful peace for your study desk or kitchen. Keep their roots drown in water and that’s it.

    5. Peace Lily: Sheer Beity of its flowers in addition with low maintenance, makes this plant an absolute for your home decoration. Let me tell you they are true lilies.

    Written By Vaani Bhardwaj


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