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TABLET vs. PHABLET: 5 Questions to Help You Decide Which One to Choose?

TABLET vs. PHABLET: 5 Questions to Help You Decide Which One to Choose?

There used to be a simpler time when communication system was so messed up that people usually used to give up. Alas, now has come a time so hard, that there are always ongoing wars.

Present competitions are between lots of devices when it comes to communication. There are competing brands for same devices and then there is one between the O.S (Operating Systems like Android, Windows, Mac, etc.). One recurring confusion is that so many of us encounter is when it comes to selecting the right device between a tablet and a phablet.

A tablet comes in sizes starting from 7 inches while a phablet is a device that’s usually between 5-7 inches. With specifications, both are quite competitive in terms of Ram, Storage, connectivity and even budget. The difference lies in handling, screen size, educational and entertainment applications, call facility and generic appeal. So read on to know which one is more suitable for you.

  1. Do you prefer a lighter and handier device?

Even a tablet can be carried in back pocket of jeans if it’s around 7-8 inches (yes its true). So if you have a preference to always carry a light device, then go for phablets. If you prefer even lighter ones, then smaller smartphones are more appropriate.

  1. Do you require reading a lot?

If you do a lot of reading and feel like you would need to have lots of times of comfort to have greater reading screen space, then tablets are sure choice for you. For people who select a phablet, reading will be possible easily but not for long time as you may have to strain too hard. Even for writing, it goes the same way. If your need is more educational, then tablets are better for you.

  1. How do you like to play games?

If game apps is the only reason for you to buy a smart device, then know what kind of games you normally like to play. You may like any type of games (shooter, arcade, puzzle or strategy games) but if playing those games on a bigger screen sounds more appealing to you, then tablets are sure way to go.

  1. What about Calls?

Receiving calls on your tablet might not work out well for you. If a calling device is the major feature you are looking for, then phablet will be more comfortable. A lot of tablets offer call facility but they are too bulky to hold.

  1. How important is video watching for you?

Videos can be watched comfortably on both devices. But the difference lies in two ways. If you wish to catch your TV shows or watch films in grand way, then tablets will serve you better. If you feel like watching videos on a device more comfortable to hold on to, then phablets are better for you.


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