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How to get over your Heart-Break in a week:

Had a heart break? Thinking about it all the time? Is the emotional pain excruciatingly heart wrenching? Remember this line from the Dark Night Trilogy...

How to Turn Into a Friend-Magnet?

So, it’s been days since you haven’t changed your pajamas because you don’t really step out much because you DON’T HAVE ANY FRIENDS. Well, if...

5 Questions to Ask Yourself Before Approaching a Girl on Valentine’s...

Have you planned to approach and express your love to someone special on Valentine’s Day? If you have, do you feel confident enough to...

Poetry Blogs that You Must Follow for Some Inspiration.

“Words, in my not so humble opinion, are our most inexhaustible source of magic”. If you are a person of words, you must be knowing...

5 Rules for Finding True Love

What’s true love and what are the rules? By knowing the meaning of these two things, our approach towards true love would surely be...
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