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5 Rules for Finding True Love

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What’s true love and what are the rules? By knowing the meaning of these two things, our approach towards true love would surely be easier.

For most people, true love connotes with ideas like soul mate, the best friend etc. To sum up, it comes to finding someone that we recognize as most suitable partner and with whom the aspects of love like attraction, understanding and growing together mean the most.

Now as for defining rules, they simply mean – a set of governing procedure that works best. Now what could the rules of finding true love be? Read on to discover:

Rule no. 1: Know Thyself.

Knowing self takes efforts. It’s about knowing everything and anything one can, getting to the depths of self and knowing one’s core personality, especially your own strengths and weaknesses. Appreciating the fact that we are human, we begin to value imperfection and therein lies the beauty of knowing ourselves.

Once we accept that we humans are basically flawed or imperfect, we come to know what we need. Knowing what we need takes us on the journey of reaching to what kind of people can complete us. As an example, things like I am a sensitive and impressionable person can point to the fact that we need someone caring and practical.

Rule no. 2: Work on self.

On the quest to find someone near perfect for us, we may have a big list of traits or qualities we are looking for in a person. What we hardly realize is that the other one might have similar or even bigger list. So the best thing that makes sense is to put our best selves out there. This means working on our own self to lessen the flaws. By flaws, I mean the critical ones. Like if you are jobless, get one. If you need to work on your weight, get up and workout. If you have temper issues, work on making yourself calm and composed. This way, you project the best yourself to the world.

Rule no. 3: Be Out.

Ask yourself what you think is common between you and your true love? The answers to these will guide you to places where you may have chance to meet the one. For example, if you like to shop, visit the mall, if you like drinking, visit the pub. If you love to read, join a reading group or visit a café. The chances of meeting the true love are highest at places of common interest.

Rule no. 4: Socialize.

Parties, friends, family gatherings, social activities are where one has greater chances to spot a potential true love. Even social websites or dating websites could be helpful. That’s socializing too, only digital. For one’s more serious, why not try and log on to matrimonial sites, there is a chance you can find someone exactly the way you want. The advantage digital sites offer is you can describe yourself and narrow down the kind of person you are looking for. Digital or real, socializing always helps. If not a partner, you may get a nice friend or just enhance your personality and gain confidence.

Rule no. 5: Dare and Make a Move.

You worked on knowing yourself, you did your best in carving out your best self, you went out and socialized. But when the moment strikes and you happen to see someone Dare and Approach. Don’t shy away. Relax, feel confident and just talk. The worst thing could be that he or she would not be interested. Fine, at least you made an effort.

Also, if someone happens to come up to you and talk, just get out the anxieties of future from your head and simply socialize. Get to know them. Spend some happy moments and rest the analysing mind for sometime. If you exchange numbers and feel like interacting more, make the move. Don’t cling to ego and don’t shy away. Dare, Approach or make a move. Believe in the goodness of love, that infinitely pervading force of attraction.


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