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7 Reasons Why You Definitely Do NOT Need A Girlfriend!

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You are one of those guys who doesn’t worry about not having a girlfriend because it is absolutely fineby you to not have one! You have your own reasons. Infact, you are the one who suggests your friends to remain single in order to avoid complications later on. We feel you.

And, whenever your committed friends mention your singledom, you can now throw this list in their face! Who needs a girlfriend when you can have fun all by yourself! I’ll give you not one, not two but 7 reasons why being the single guy is awesome!
Here’s to all those guys who don’t have girlfriends for a good reason. Read on and relate.

1.) You have more of “ME” time to enjoy doing things you have in mind .
565dc8d1f067401122015162033You want to play video games for three hours straight without incessant calls and texts disturbing you? That is only possible if you do not have a girlfriend, trust me!

2.) You can spend all your money on things you want to buy instead of treating your girlfriend to fancy dates.
Now you don’t have to crib about no having the latest Xbox or PS4, or whatever you want because you don’t have the added expenditure of spending on your girlfriend on her birthday, your anniversaries, Valentine’s Day and so on and so forth! It can be quite a hassle and if you do happen to forget a special occasion, you sir, are dead!

3.) You can openly flirt with anyone you want without someone giving you the dirty looks!
Want to hit on that cute girl at college or the girl who frequents your gym all the time? Guess what!? You can do that because you got no damn girlfriend breathing down your neck!

4.) You have absolutely no question-answer rounds or argument/doubting sessions in your life.
What a relief it is when you aren’t answerable to anyone in life. If your parents question you, it’s okay, but girlfriend? No way.

5.) You get to spend more time being awesome with your friends!
You can hang out with your buddies without your girlfriend feeling neglected because you don’t have one!

6.) Because you definitely don’t need a girl to keep you happy!
You are content with the way your life is going and hardly care to alter it in any way possible.

7.) And, the best part about being single – you don’t have to tend to a nagging girlfriend after a long day at work!
If you have a girlfriend she’s going to complain about how you have no time for her and you never talk to her and you’re so busy with work but if you don’t, you can come home and relax and watch your favourite T.V. shows in peace!


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