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How to Style Your Look with Boots


WINTER IS HERE. Get ready to flaunt those amazing winter clothes and most importantly Boots. This is the only season where you can wear boots especially, here in India, as we are ushered with hot weather for the rest of the months. So, don’t miss this opportunity of giving your outfit the fabulous look with the help of boots.

  • Cowboy lookThe Cowboy Look : reddeadfashion

Wear tight jeans under high cowboy boots and a loose shirt over a t-shirt. You can also wear a statement belt for this look.

  • Stiletto thigh high boots with mini skirts


Black leather A-Line miniskirt and thigh boots | Leather mini skirts, Mini  skirts, Fashion

Thigh high boots really compliment mini skirt. Make sure to keep a little distance between your boots and hem of the skirt.


  • Jeans over boots

over the knee boots with jeans outfits Shop Clothing & Shoes Online

Wearing boot cut jeans over heeled boots gives a taller look and transforms a casual look in a style statement.


  • Leather boots over long flowing dress

92 Dresses with boots ideas | autumn fashion, cute outfits, autumn winter  fashion

A long flowing dress with leather jacket and leather boots completes your outfit and provides warmth on chilly winter days or night.


  • Ankle length boots with pants

Flaunt Your Ankle Boot With Jeans - FashionBuzzer.com

No doubt ankle length boots looks good on skinny jeans, but pairing ankle length boots looks pretty awesome with pants. So now you can wear boots to office too!

  • Tights + skirts

Pin by Amanda Dargy on Simply Me | Tights and heels, Outfits, Fashion

This will give you a more pulled together look. It is also good while styling your boots with formals.


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