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5 Questions to Ask Yourself Before Approaching a Girl on Valentine’s Day

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Have you planned to approach and express your love to someone special on Valentine’s Day? If you have, do you feel confident enough to do so? If you don’t, don’t fret, try and read along, maybe this will help:

  1. Is he/she ‘the one’?

Well sadly, it’s too hard to know the answer to this for sure. Sometimes you may just need to hop on the Love Express while other times you may need to introspect a little. You may do the best thinking and yet you may not feel sure. However, one thing we know for certain is this – It’s always mutual.

So, know that if your conscience is clear and your love is pure, have no fear, go on and say wish you Happy Valentine day dear.

  1. Is it more of like or love?

You may deceive everyone but never yourself. Our heart knows deep within if its mere attraction (even though too strong) or genuine love. How? Just look within yourself and try to note down why you like her so much. If the points you have noted down are superficial or fatuous, then it’s best to let go and look for someone with whom it’s more meaningful. If the list is filled with qualities, ideals or things you value, then go ahead and express yourself most truly.

  1. Do you feel Afraid?

It’s absolutely normal if you feel afraid. It’s actually good in some way. That only means you care about the other person. So, if the feel is genuine and you wish to approach and express, don’t shy away. If the fear bug strikes at the eleventh hour, remind yourself that she is first a person and not a girl or guy, just a person. Then, believe in your genuineness and clear conscience.

  1. Have you planned in a truly unique way?

The idea is to make it special. If you genuinely feel for the person, then take efforts to think more and know them better. Plan your day better than you can. Ignite your heart with some creative thoughts like drawing a card on your own, some special gift you put thought into or some written prose or poem. A gesture so elegant can sure inspire the cupid to shoot more arrows from your side.

  1. Have you done background check?

All your effort will go in vain if it turns out he or she already has a boyfriend or is engaged to someone. So, do your best detective work in knowing for sure if she is truly single and not committed to anyone. You may use common friends, acquaintances or social networking sites. Just be sure about things before you plan everything else.

If all the above questions turn out in your favor, know that people are complex and may not behave exactly as you may have hoped they would. So just don’t expect anything, only do what you planned and believe in your own genuine feel and truthfulness. If you may think about him or her, just have one objective, its valentine’s day and you wish to make someone’s heart smile… Good Luck. 🙂


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