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How to Take Incridible Photos with Any Camera You Have

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  1. Take Note of the Lights
    It is one of the most imp factor you should take care off. Bad light can easily kill a picture.bad light
  2. Avoid Shake
    Even if the lightning is good a small shake can easily blur a picture even from a descent camera.camera-shake
  3. Avoid Zoom
    In cell phones the zoom option just enlarges the image instead of zooming , so it pixelates the image and the image gets blur.zoom
  4. Experiments
    Try some new and interesting angles, playing with angles will make the image look more creative and artistic.Experiments
  5. Learn the Camera
    Find out the strong and weak sides of the camera you are using. Don’t be lazy, read the manual and use the camera in the most efficient way.camera-modes
  6. Download a Better App
    There is no harm in using a camera app instead of an inbuilt one. There are chances of getting good quality pictures and if not you can uninstall it.camera360 (1)
  7. Touch to Focus
    In smart phones you get this option. It gives you the ability to choose what you would like the camera to focus on simply by touching the screen.Touch to focus
  8. Take time for Composition
    Look at the screen to see how things are positioned , move around and try different angles.composition


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