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FUNUN ARTS GROUP triumphant participation in Qatar International Art Festival, Qatar


After organizing uncountable successful art events in UAE, Funun arts proved its excellence in Qatar International Art Festival.

Funun Arts participated in the 3rd. edition of the festival with 20 artists from UAE and other parts of the world. 13 artists exhibited in the festival in person and 7 just sent the artwork. The Mega Event was inaugurated by His Excellency Prof Dr. Khalid bin Ibrahim Al Sulaiti, General Manager of Katara, Qatar with the event head and president of Maps International WLL Mrs. Rashmi Aggarwal. Adding beauty to the opening ceremony and making it a huge success, HRH Princess Dr. Moradeun Ogunlana USA- Nigeria attended the event along with many VVIP’s, Diplomats and Ambassadors of many different countries.

The 5 days festival started on 24th. October until 28th. October 2021. During the festival days, a total eight events like painting and sculpture Exhibition, Live Painting Symposium, Artistic Fashion Show, Master classes, Cultural Talks & Panel discussion, Qatar Cultural Tour, and award ceremony. 300 artists, 65 countries and 6 art galleries were the part of this mega art festival. The festival was hosted in Katara Cultural Village, Doha which is the beautiful hub for art and culture.


Funun Arts leaders Shiba Khan and Farah Khan were glad to share their experience by telling us that they really left a great impact on all the participating artists and galleries in the festival with the quality of the artwork, organization, and the joyful artists group.

Shiba Khan said “We were the most enjoying group of the event who were experiencing each moment of the festival to the fullest.” She appreciated the event head Mrs. Rashmi Aggarwal by saying “Rashmi is a dynamic leader, who has all the quality of making things beautiful and well organized. She had put her all efforts in this art festival to make it a big successful event and her efforts showed up with all flying colors of achievement.” She also said that, starting from the arrival we tried to give the participating artists the best and hopefully we succeeded. We are thankful to the Consulate General of Indonesia in Qatar Mr. Ridwan Hassan and his whole family for their warm hospitality and sparing his precious time for us.

Farah Khan told us that, “It was indeed a fantastic show put together with all colors adding beauty to it. For the artists who were not able to go we tried to make them feel to be the part of the festival by going live on social media, all thanks to technology, and they all really felt to be in the event. Our social media was flooded with the messages of congratulations and best wishes. We thank Allah Almighty for His blessings and gives credit to our team, all artists, and our family whose prayers are always there with us.”

Shiba Khan said, “I am so honored to receive the Brand Ambassador award for representing India, not only this we received the gallery partner award which is very prestigious for Funun Arts Group. Beside this there are few more awards which are added to our profile now like Artistic Fashion show award where we walked the ramp with the kaftan printed with one of our artworks and designed by me, I felt as my fashion designing career came up again. Then one of our participating artist Sabah Anees won the best artist model award and all our artists were honored with the certificate and memento. Adding wow factor to our Group is …. we sold 21 artworks, which is a big achievement and added golden feathers. For an artist the best thing is when their artwork is appreciated and then sold out, and it all happened in an international art festival. We learnt a lot, had a great experience and good networking. These types of festivals are, very important for artists where they can interact with artists from different cultural backgrounds. It helps in thinking beyond your own boundaries.


The participating artists who travelled to Qatar were:

Shiba Khan/ Farah Khan /Rafa Tom/Jasmine Mohammed Rizvi/ Raisa Rajan/ Dr. Devisree/ Sabah Anees/ Safaa Saeed/ Madhuri Musani/ Anuradha Bhalla/ Raksha Jesrani/ Muffazal Abbasbhai Arsiwala/ Mohammad Aslam Hussain

The artist who sent their work were Nada Al Barazi /Nafisa Sayeda/Akshay Arora/Anjani Prakash Laitu/Pari Sagar/Dina Al Baraqi/Soumya Shree

Artists believe that Happy are the painters, for they shall not be lonely. Light and color, peace, and hope, will keep them company to the end of the day. Art is not the possession of the few who are recognized writers, painters, musicians; it is the authentic expression of all individuality. Those who have the gift of creative expression in unusually large measure disclose the meaning of the individuality of others to those others. In participating in the work of art, they become artists in their activity. They learn to know and honor individuality in whatever form it appears. The fountains of creative activity are discovered and released. The free individuality which is the source of art is also the final source of creative development in time.

So again, the philosophy which is the strong foundation stone of Funun Arts is proved:

Coming Together is the beginning,

Keeping Together is the progress,

Working Together is the Success.

Funun Arts is a non-profit platform where artists are given an opportunity to exhibit their talents in a space that is affordable and allows them the freedom to enhance their creativity. Funun offers them an experience they will cherish. Emerging as an innovative idea amongst a few artists in 2016, it soon took over the aspiring imagination of the Khan sisters, Shiba and Farah. Funun Arts has been widely appreciated for their initiatives towards social and noble causes for a better society and has been engaged in offering a helping hand to those in need. They believe that art is not only brushes and canvases; it is also a form to communicate your thoughts without any constraint, and that brings about a sense of positive energy which brightens the spirit of the onlooker. Now more than 400 multinational artists are the part of this art community. https://fununart.com/

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