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What is Fashion?

What is Fashion?

The word Fashion can be thought of as a combination of : Fun – Ambitious- Sizzling- Hot – Independent – Optimistic- Narcissistic . On the surface it might seem that be fashionable is all about expensive fabrics, trending designs, slim body. But no, there is much to it than you can see. There are certain scientific rules to look fashionable in whatever you wear.

1 ) The fit : clothes should fit appropriately and neither sag nor be too tight.

2) Colour combination : You have to be very careful about this point because a wrong colour combination can make you commit fashion blunders even when there is nothing wrong with the outfit.

3) Accessorizing : This can make even simple outfits go from dull to f-a-bulous.

But never over accessorize as it can make your outfits look cheap.

4) Experimenting : To be a style diva you need not own truck loads of outfits but what you do need to have is a vision about the combinations of outfits that might look good together. And in this process you might commit fashion blunders at times but thats okay.

5) Occasion appropriate : I know there might be a cute see- through top you bought the other day and cant wait to wear it . But cant visit college in that causing boys to lose concentration in studies. You need to pick outfits which suit the situation . You can look as cute in a denim top and make a style statement in college.

Appearances should not matter and we should not judge someone by their looks but if being a bit creative can boost our confidence , then why not invest a little time and be fabulous. Life is short so never be scared to try something new.

  • By Sumi Jalan


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