7 Reasons you should not miss out your first meal in the morning


    Every Meal has its own importance, but the first among them in terms of timeline and also in importance is your breakfast, read further to get yourself convinced, rationally:

    1. Its Essential: After a fasting of your sleeping time, your body needs energy recharge, which is crucial to keep your metabolism proper, hence proved it’s essential.
    2. Reduce Weight: Researchers find that Breakfast Eaters are able to control their weight under check in comparison of skippers who have difficulty with controlling their metabolism.

    3. Active Brain Health: Skipping breakfast gives you a feeling of inactivity, especially in your morning hours and affects you ability to perform mental tasks with full potential.

    4. Keeps a healthy Body: Skipping the breakfast initiates a chain reaction that may force you to overeat the entire day, with by-product of High Blood Pressure and Cholesterol and the vice-versa.
    5. It reduces Diabetes: Some Evidence claim that in comparison with skippers, Breakfast eaters are in a better position to avoid lower risk of obesity and type 2 diabetes.

    6. Firewall: We all firewalls in our system to guard our data against viruses. In the same way your breakfast provides you a firewall of Fibres, Glucose, Essential Vitamins and nutrients to fight all those bad evils.
    7. Breakfast has amazing menu: If you are in India and avoiding the breakfast, you are missing amazingly tasty and healthy dishes (not all the time). Breakfast offers you amazing tastes that you can’t even imaging with other meal timings. Your taste buds will have the best time of day with breakfast.

    Written By Dietician and Nutritionist Rakhi Sharma


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