Seven skills you can learn easily from youtube during this covid outbreak (Lifestyle)


    No matter in which area of life you are contributing , you are always being told to keep improving skills set and lockdown gives you an ample amount of time. Following are the 5 Skills that you can learn online to improve your worth in every sense:
    1. Instrument: You have always wanted to play an instrument and here is the time for that. Your level of excellence depends on your practice but YouTube tutorials can surely help you to begin.
    2. Yoga and Meditation: Some skills are the hobbies anymore but the requirement of the time and this tops the list. To ease our life suffering, yoga and meditation helps you to find life and work balance. There are many video tutorials to help you learn the basics of this art.
    3. Learn a language: The arrival of International Shows in India has made many languages popular with special mention to Spanish. You can understand the dialogues of your favourite character if you decide to learn their language. This not only gives you a new language but also expands your knowledge into a different dimension altogether.
    4. Cooking: You always wanted to experiment with your cooking, well now is the time. Get all those restaurant specific dishes like biryani and Pizza within your reach and get them made in your kitchen.
    5. Any customize skill: You can also go for specific skill depending upon your area of profession. Like a programmer aspires for a new coding lessons and a photographer for a new technique, you can always go for specific online learning course to increase your worth among competitors.

    Written By Vaani Bhardwaj


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