How Planet Venus Affect Love Life


    Welcome to the world of beauty, welcome to the world of romance, welcome to the world of sentiments, pleasures, grace, charm and art. Welcome to the world of Venus.

    Yes, if Venus occupies strong position in your natal chart you are born to enjoy all the ecstasies of life. Let’s know about Venus-

    In astrology each planet has a different responsibility. The sun manages your ego and self respect, the moon governs your emotions, Mercury rules communication , Mars represents impulse including sexual urges but when it comes to love and those magical butterflies you feel fluttering in your stomach it is Venus that runs the show.

    Venus is the brightest and hottest of the five planets i.e Mars, Mercury, Jupiter, Venus and Saturn known to ancient astronomers. Venus is named after the Roman goddess of love and beauty and is only planet named after a female.

    Venus is the force that gives us the ability to attract other people. if you meet a person and spend 20 minutes with him or her and kept on thinking about the person for a long time it means that the person you met had a strong Venus.

    A person with strong Venus becomes the pivotal point wherever he or she goes. Venus gives us the power of personal magnetism .Venus determines our taste and our romantic instincts. Venus Express herself through feelings and sensations. Venus is our primary Instinct that gives us ability to connect with physical pleasure. It is the strong position of Venus in our natal chart that makes us write poetry, hug the lover, enjoy the sunset, drizzling rains and other hues of life. Venus is the artist, the romantic and the enjoyer of life.

    People with strong Venus are fond of good clothes, artificial jewellery, music and traveling. The position and strength of our Venus determines what colour music food we like . People with strong Venus are true lovers. They are very respectful and faithful to their partners.  They have successful love affairs and get maximum pleasure and satisfaction in love and sexual relationships. Also strong Venus gives a charming spouse. We can say that Venus is the primary planet for love marriage. Without a strong influence or proper placement of Venus in the birth chart it is quite impossible to get a successful love affair in life.

    But if the position of Venus in a birth chart is weak i.e combusted or debilitated there will be a question mark in romantic life. Such natives do not posses sex appeal or attraction. The opposite sex will not be attracted towards such people. They have an successful love affair.

    If the native somehow manages to get love marriage they never live happily married life without hurdles. The native will also be deprived of Comforts and luxuries of life.

    There is a third category and it is negative or malefic Venus i.e Venus with the effects of Rahu Mars or Saturn. if a native have malefic Venus in the birth chart the native may have over indulgence in amusements and sex .The native will be unfaithful in love. The native will have many affairs and extramarital affair and will face scandals and ill reputational.

    While Venus is malefic in transit we see cases of a female abuse and rapes in society.

    Bad Venus gives medical problems related to eyes urinary system diabetes and genetically organ problems.

    Remedies-– respect females even if you yourself is a female because Venus represents females in society

    Keep yourself neat and clean.

    Make a good use of curd. Eat curd, take bath of curd, donate curd, offer sweet curd to Goddess Lakshmi.

    So make your Venus strong and Be Attractive.

    Written by –Astrologer Geetanjali Jindal

    (Astrologer, Face reader and Vastu consultant)


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