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Atithi Devo Bhava


“Atithi Devo Bhava” is a Sanskrit terminology where the words mean that guests should be treated like gods or goddesses.

The guests are considered as god and are treated accordingly. From centuries guests in our country are treated as the god and are worshiped because we consider their blessings as a substitute of gods being on earth.

Previously when a guest enters in our house we decorate a small ceremony in welcoming them the ceremony includes dish where fragrance sticks, lamp, eatables, rice, and flower offerings. This ceremony may also a process where the foot of the guests are washed and dried by the host. Being properly introduced to the culture and the heritage of the family who is welcoming them the guests can move into the house.

All over India, the different ways of welcoming and treating their guests are different, but the important fact is that the grand welcome to receive is also worth remembering.

This culture of treating guests as a symbol of god visiting their home is carried on from ages; from kings of the past to the prime minister of the present every host of our country treats and welcomes our guests with the same mentality. Our prime minister every year welcomes several guests among them are the most renounced Prime Ministers, the treatment of a host is done so well that all the dignitaries of the countries around the world are overwhelmed.

Not only the kings and queens every citizen of our country inherited with this mentality that our guests are the symbol of the god , who are visiting their home bringing them joy and happiness with them.

The days when the guests are staying, homes are decorated for them they could get the utmost comfort from the host and can say with that they are incorrect hands.

Especially in our country guests are provided with the meals with the most desirable cuisines with the delicious food served to the guests the host would wait for them to complete and say a few words of praise. This feeding is considered as servings given to the god himself.

No doubt Indian culture is unique and one of the best among the world because the foreigners and all others who have visited India for the first time has gone with the view that Incredible India is one the best nations that welcomes everyone with the open heart.

Written By: Saptarshi Mondal.
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