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Dar Ke Age Jeet Hai !!

Each one of us, without exception,  goes through highs and lows in life . Life therefore is like a Sinusoidal wave which has ups...

Loneliness is bliss!

I read somewhere- Living alone, feeling alone, being lonely and being isolated are totally different conditions but we often combine them. This is where...

Technology: bane or boon!!

A couple of decades back, when I was a school student in Shimla, we had to walk nearly two kilometers to the Central Telegraph...

The Fairyland called “Queen of Hills” !!

I will not be doing justice to my new found passion for writing, until I write about the place which is probably closest to...

A Taste of Incredible Mumbai !!

If there is any city in India which can boast of being really cosmopolitan in the true sense of the word, it is our...

Changing face of Institution of Marriage.

Marriage, probably one of the oldest Institutions, has always been regarded as the most sacred of all relationships between a man and a woman. In...

New Trend: ”Live-in”

The increasing number of people choosing to remain Single (Singletons) is a global phenomena and not restricted to few countries, however, the trend is...
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