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Q&A Session With “Sukhbir Singh”


Q. Who is Sukhbir’s inspiration to create music and pursue it as a career?

I think music itself has been my biggest inspiration. I listen to songs of different genres which inspires me to create music. For example, UK bhangra and reggae music has been a big have also always listened to rock and pop and bollywood music with a passion and it has inspired me to create my own music.


Q. Which famous musicians do you admire?

I have been inspired by greats like Michael Jackson, Elvis Presley, Ustad Nusrat Fateh Ali Khan, Malkit Singh and UK bands such as The Alarm, TCS, Sahotas. Standouts like Bob Marley have been a huge inspiration.


Q. What is your creative process like?

For me, the chorus needs to be very strong. So I start with the chorus and the creative process is that I keep one main melody in place. For example, the “O HO HO” in a song I released had that in place, then the rest of the song kind of dictates itself around the chorus. So start with the chorus, build the music around it and then I work on the rest of the song bit by bit. I play all the instrument myself like the piano, bass, guitar, drums, and whatever is necessary. The song kind speaks to the creative person behind it, that I need this now. I need to follow that instinct.

Q. Which is your favorite number from your own collection?

My favorite song has got to be “Sauda Khara Khara” because this is the song my dad wrote for me. It was the first song he wrote for me. He usually writes spiritual poetry and this is a song he got into right for me. That has to be one of my all-time favorites, Sauda Khara Khara.


Q. How would you describe the music has changed over the period of time?

Music in my opinion is been evolving since the day music was created and it will keep on evolving because a different “genres” keeps coming into play. It’s very positive to think change is good. Currently what you hear and what I hear is a lot of western influencers and less of Indian influencers in our Indian music. It is great that the younger generation review and appreciate that we are kind of grouped into this evolving of music and it’s good fun to evolve and record new genres and new styles of music.


Q. Which is your best collaboration till date?

My best collaboration till date has got to be “Sauda Khara Khara” for the film Good News where I had Diljit, Divyani, Anushali. I always wanted to collaborate with Diljit. He is one of the Punjabs greatest artists. So that has got to be my all-time favorite collaboration.

-By Pari Sagar


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