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Top Interview Questions and How to Answer Them


Interviews have always been tricky. We think that the interviews always tend to ask easy and general questions and it can’t be too difficult to answer them but we are wrong. Interviewers ask these same general questions to every person they interview and what makes them different from the others are their unique and carefully thought out answers.

Today we are going to tell you about the most common and seemingly harmless questions asked during interviews and how to actually tackle them and come off as a smart person.

  • “Tell us something about yourself..”: This is one of the classic questions which interviewers have been throwing at the interviewees since decades now and some people still do not know how to nail this easy but tricky question.

Answer: You must tell them about your professional experiences and the skills that you possess. No employer wants to know where you were born or what zodiac sign you are. They want to know only about your professional skills and how you are going to be a help to their company and its success.


  • “Why should we hire you..”: This is one of the most incredibly asked interview questions and holds much importance as well.

Answer: You simply cannot declare that “I’m the best and you won’t get anyone better than me” because seriously, they’ve heard it from 10 other prospects the same morning. Instead you should do their company research and tell them exactly how you can be a help to them and their company. You must show the hiring manager that you are entirely suited for this position and that you hold every single skill that is needed for it.


  • “What are your strengths and weaknesses?”: This question gives you a great opportunity to highlight your successes and sensibleness throughout.

Answer: You must not try to become a superhero here and keep it a bit low by telling them your success stories with brief illustrations. You can answer them by showing them strengths that will be the most useful for the position you are interviewing for. When it comes to telling them about your weaknesses, you must make sure that you don’t state any which is an important part of the core job that you are interviewing for. You must tell them that you are self aware and narrate to them instances where you overcame your weaknesses.


  • “Why did you leave your last job?”: This question from the interviewers can certainly make a few people nervous and confused.

Answer: If you left voluntarily, you can simply tell your interviewer that you were seeking a new challenge ( which is the job that you are interviewing for ) and so you left, If you were let go of by your previous company then you must tell them the truth but you must also tell them that you have done something about it and have overcome the mistakes that you have made in the past so you won’t be repeating any of those mistakes in the future.


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