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5 Easy to Make Healthy Hot Teas for Travelers

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Fitness is nowadays highly important to so many people due to various reasons. For some it’s simply health conditions while for others its requirement of work. Apart from them, some are just dedicated to the idea of fitness. Work life being hectic today, we often fell short of time to get access to or time for some refreshing hot drink. So here are some teas that can be prepared anywhere you are if you carry a small water heater (even steam container will do) and a small bag with one or two dry ingredients. Although all of them are natural, it is always advisable to consult your doctor to know if these are appropriate for you.

  1. Green Tea:


One of the most popular drinks is green tea. Its benefits seem endless to describe but prime ones are its high antioxidant content and its ability to aid in weight loss. It helps people suffering from sugar or hormonal problems like thyroid. It feels light and is refreshing. All you need to carry is green tea bags that are easily available in stores.


  1. Chamomile Tea:


A less commonly known one, chamomile tea is made out of chamomile flowers and is quite popular in china. It has exact same benefits like green tea with two additional ones. It is highly beneficial for people who suffer from anxiety and it helps curb acidity problems. While for some, green tea may pose acidity problem, chamomile is a more suitable option. It’s highly soothing and also suggested for insomniacs as it helps calm the nervous system. This one also comes in bags like green tea.


  1. Honey Lemon Tea:


Add honey and lemon and you have a sweet and sour drink that is ready to jump up your system into instant rejuvenation. It’s considered very good for skin, is known to boost your immune system and detoxes the body. It also helps kick start the body’s system with its supply of rich vitamins and minerals like calcium, phosphorous, magnesium, vitamin B and vitamin C.


  1. Honey-Ginger-turmeric tea:


Honey, ginger and turmeric, each have medicinal and healing properties. Hence, this tea rightfully deserves the name ‘healing tea’. All one needs is to keep dried ginger powder mixed with turmeric, small bottle of honey and water. If one wants to thicken the consistency, it works well with milk too. You may not need to carry milk per se, you can just carry powdered milk sachet for this. It’s good at times of infections or fever. However, one should avoid drinking this too much as that may cause problems.


  1. Rose Tulsi Tea:


The sweet smell of rose combined with herbal essence of tulsi is ideal to help you feel pampered and soothed. One may carry fresh or dried rose petals along with tulsi. Other spices like cardamom or cinnamon can also be added as per taste. The most unique and soothing quality of this tea is its color. The rose colored look of this tea is sure a treat for the eyes. It improves digestive powers, cures sore throat and is often suggested for women with problems of irregular periods, infertility or urinary tract infections. It is also a great detoxifying drink.


7 ways to make salads more appetizing for the health conscious:

Salads are a commonly sought option for people who wish to lose weight or ones who are committed to fitness goals. However, the one big factor that prevents people from choosing this highly healthy and nutritious meal is its dry texture and blandness. Even after eating a lot, one may feel like they aren’t that full even when they are. So here are five suggestions to make salads more appetizing. These options offer some solid and consistent bases on which salads can be prepared.

  1. Oats based:

All that one may need to do is boil a little oats in microwave with little water to prepare some oats porridge. This when added with certain spices as per taste makes a tasty and appetizing filler. Oats are great source of protein and certain minerals and vitamins. Add salad to it and you may not feel the need to add any sauce or eat too much.

  1. Cereal based:

A lot of healthy cereal like wheat flakes, rice barn, muesli can be used to add to salads which can make one feel fuller in no time. Just remember to add more salad and less of cereals as ones like muesli do contain some calories. A little moistening with some sauces like salsa or Italian dressing can work well for taste.

  1. Poha or flattened rice based:

Poha or flattened or beatened rice can be moistened and roasted to lend a roasty taste along with salad. The salad may be steamed or roasted with the poha and spices like turmeric, salt and red chilli powder can be added to this.



  1. Kurmura or Puffed rice based:

Kurmura are easily available in indian market or stores and are popular ingredient to prepare bhels, an indian dish. This puffed rice if eaten in moderation helps fill the stomach and lends an appetizing feel in a short time when mixed with salads. For taste, tamarind sauce or green chutney can be added to lend it the feel and taste of traditional indian bhel.

  1. Khakra based:

Take out few khakras and crunch them into little pieces. This little work of art can be added with some healthy sauces to the salad and shall help make the salad more interesting and tasty. The khakras also have their own flavors, so sauces can be avoided too. Homemade chutneys can help enhance the indian flavor and feel of this type of meal.

  1. Cooked Sprouts based:

Sprouts with their high protein content are one of the best and most nutritious fillers that can act as bases to salads. However it is always highly advised to cook the sprouts to make them more easily digestible for body. Sauces like thousand island taste well with the sprout base. The veggies can be raw or cooked or steamed. The overall recipe if cooked can be added with lemon as that shall help retain the iron content from sprouts.









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