Home Entertainment Karan Johar is now a father to twins

Karan Johar is now a father to twins

Karan Johar is now a father to twins

Trust Karan Johar to be on top of trends, parental and otherwise. Joining celebrities like BeyoncĂ© and George Clooney, Karan Johar has just become father to fraternal twins by surrogacy. Mumbai Mirror reports that the director has named his children in homage to his parents – the boy is called Yash in honour of his father and the girl is named Roohi, a rearrangement of the letters in Karan’s mother’s name, Hiroo.

According to the report, the twins were delivered on Friday by doctor Makrand Masrani.

Karan is the second Bollywood celebrity after Tusshar Kapoor to have used the surrogacy method to expand his family. Timing is everything, though, considering that India’s laws around surrogacy and adoption are set for a stringent revamp that will make it that much harder for single parents to have children in this manner.

Source: www.elle.in


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